Scorpio Cycle for the Next 30 Days

The full moon in Scorpio makes for a 30 day cycle of confronting our emotional vulnerabilities and transforming them into strengths.

Scorpio is a water sign which is related to the emotions and it’s also a fixed sign which wants to stabilize. Somehow Mars tries to stabilize the watery emotions through Scorpio. Of course, this is very difficult because the emotions are always changing and those who we have invested in emotionally are also always changing. So Scorpio tends to worry about those things they are emotionally involved in and try to control those situations and people. But we can also penetrate deeply into the emotions of others and know exactly how to reach into their psyche and keep them under control, but of course this only lasts for so long.

Eventually others may get tired of the emotional power struggle and Scorpio can lose the war. When this happens, the dreaded emotional loss feels like a loss of self entirely, so Scorpio needs to learn how to manage their emotions rather than try to control them or the emotions of others. Learning to truly be strong emotionally means not being afraid of their change and their fluidity. Through the nature of Scorpio, we all learn how to concentrate our emotional power on something more than just feeling good and that’s the real genius of Scorpio.

This New moon is in Jyeshta NakshatraVideo and Article Here

Story: Jyeshtha is ruled by the God Indra who is the king of the gods. This is called the star of warfare and it is about doing battle over the righteous cause. Often, people who have planets in Jyeshtha can certainly be warriors. They are not afraid to take it on and to take on the battle. They will not back out from a fight especially if it is the righteous fight.

Indra had a little bit of a swagger about him especially later in the text like the Mahabharata and some other texts. Back in the Vedas, Indra was the king of the gods and did lot of heroic tales. He had Rudra who is his helper and assistant who would restore righteousness and Dharma.

The great story of Indra is he allowed himself to be swallowed by the dragon who stole all the water from the Earth. Then he cut his way out of the belly of the dragon in order to restore all of the water to the Earth. There is a lot of emotional courage and the willingness to even perhaps dive for our principles thinking that we can still slice our way out of any difficult situation in this Nakshatra.

Scorpio Cycle for the Next 30 Days

December 8, 2018

2 responses on "Scorpio Cycle for the Next 30 Days"

  1. Such an excellent explanation. When is your birthdate?

  2. Hats off to you SAM sir. Every word on Jyeshta is true. My wife is Jyeshta – vruschika and guru/chandra in lagna.i am sandwiched as my son is also vruschika anuradha nakshatra. she is truly emotional as per your wordings. its very difficult to console her when she is outburst. somehow 30 years of fruitful marriage days have been elapsed. she rightly fights for righteous and he nature is to speak truth always. thanks for your wonderful analysis sir.

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