Astrology of Crisis and Redemption 
8 hours – 47.00 – Plus a Live Q&A Class.

You will learn:

  • To avoid disasters in your life and help others do the same.
  • To understand the worst problems in life, that astrology helps you solve and understand.
  • The importance of houses 6, 8, and 12 – for all 12 signs and the need to explain those houses specifically.
    EX: For Leo the 6th Sign is Capricorn, the 8th sign is Pisces and the 12th Sign is Cancer. I will explain all of the Signs in great detail.
  • Most important qualities of those houses in general and their deepest, hidden properties
  • Most important transformational facets of these houses/sign and their rulers.
  • How to “counsel” people about their most difficult, scary and confusing aspects
  • Detailed outline of every ascendant, especially the dusthana planets / signs.
  • The direct quotes from the ancient texts, so you can see the depth from its original source.
  • Earn a Badge and Certificate in the Astrology Crisis and Redemption
  • A lot more.

Course Curriculum

Day 1
Day 1 Recordings 00:00:00
Day 2
Day 2 Recording 00:00:00
Q and A Day
Q and A Day Recording 00:00:00
Bonus Class - Special Attributes of Signs
Bonus Class – Special Attributes of Astrology Signs 00:00:00
Private: Crisis and Redemption 7 days

Course Reviews


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  1. Great Teaching on Difficult Houses


    Great class on the the dushtana houses. Sam covers the basic principles of the dushtana houses with a lot of depth and then gives some helpful examples and a specific look at all three of the houses for all of the signs one by one, which is a great resource to have for reference! A really great way to deepen your understanding of the difficult places and help you explain them clearly for others.

  2. Everything you needed to understand 6-8-12 signs


    This course helped me rewire how I looked at the zodiac, the quality of the signs and how it plays out for each Ascendant. There is so much nuance built into the very foundation of the zodiac that reveals so much. The Dusthana houses are not easy to understand and Sam taught it in such a way that I finally get it.

  3. Amazing insight to these Dushtana houses


    As always you are a very dedicated and deep knowledge teacher. The perspective with real life and connection to the karmic purpose of our life shows up very nice with your talks. Thanks much!

  4. Great Course


    I am very happy to learn the zodiac from the angle presented in this course. Some great lessons to contemplate.

  5. Useful


    I applied these concepts of dusthana, krura houses in medical astrology and working well. Especially liked how the planets enemity and friendship gives us sharper clues into it. Also, helps to understand how each ascendant carries their portfolio. For virgo ascendant, the hidden power due to 12th house sun lordshíp, was absolute true. Great work.

  6. Brilliant, insightful


    Sam’s no-bull approach is so refreshing as he explains the reality of service, transformation, change and loss we experience, as well as the the synastry between people leading to the cause and effects of events brought about through others.

    This course was exceptionally informative and valuable for both counselling astrologers and students! Sam dives deep into the 6,8,12th houses with smart and easy techniques to quickly interpret the signs and houses based on each rising sign. In addition, he provides comprehensive analysis and provides real student examples into how charts affect each other.

    Easy to understand and follow, I highly recommend this course to everyone!

  7. Highly recommend


    Excellent, methodical approach to understand the dusthana houses for each of the ascendants. Very helpful for navigating the trouble spots in life and useful information for counselling others.

  8. How the houses relate to each other


    This is an amazing course, filled with all sorts of knowledge. For each and every ascendant, we learned about the nature of that house and of the 3 houses that bring it the most challenges/opportunities. Though this class, the house began to take on their individual personalities and from there i could see how it results in the natures and choices people make.
    And thank you for the recording. I have watched multiple times and gain more each time.

  9. Relevant context to difficulties


    This course really helps to bridge good/bad mindset that is frequently used when difficult houses are explained. Here you will learn HOW to give relevant context to difficulties – so they can be just step in life.

    Sam’s holistic astrology system is so great and really works!

  • $56.00
  • Course Certificate



Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of “Yoga and Vedic Astrology” and “The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology”. He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science – which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 250 students enrolled. Sam is certified level 1 and 2 through ACVA and CVA and was hired by Dattatreya Shiva Baba to teach the first Astroved Vedic Astrology Certification Program in 2010.

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  • The Ascendant – 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology

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