Nakshatras 80/20 – Myths, Rashi Connections and Predictions

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  1. 5

    This was a deeply instructive class that got to the heart of understanding the importance of and details about the Nakshatras. Thank you Sam for your clarity.

  2. Great course!


    I recommend taking this course along with The one on Zodiac , Rashis and Rulers 80/20.

  3. A comprehensive, in-depth course in the Vedic nakshatra system bringing the nakshatras "alive"


    Coming into this course, I had a basic level of understanding of the nakshatra system through a couple of books I had read, especially Komilla Sutton’s The Nakshatras: The Stars Beyond the Zodiac; however I lacked a comprehensive and integrative framework. Sam really brought the nakshatras alive, especially their relationships to the deities, the evolution of the nakshatras through the zodiac, and how they are activated during the dasha cycles, which is something I was only hazily aware of before. I hope to dive deeper into that area in particular because it seems crucial to understanding how to interpret life events. Thanks again Sam!

  4. Nakshatras80/20


    Sam, you have done it again! Loads of information with real life examples, loved having all the documentation available during class so that I don’t need to write everything except your golden gems you bring! I really feel like I want to have a system in place and I got it and feel confident enough to do a reading in a flow that is coherent. See you again soon on another class !!!

  5. A Thorough Review of the Nakshatras


    In this course Sam discusses the seasons, solstices, and the Zodiac as described in the Vedas, goes through each of the Nakshatras one by one discussing their attributes, story, and their use in practice with case study examples, and goes over predicitions using Nakshatras and doing Nakshatra readings for others. I found it very helpful and rewarding; after this course I definitely have a deeper understanding of each of the Nakshatras and more material to work with when studying them, and a deeper understanding of how to actually use them in practice. Thank you Sam!

  6. Best Course On Nakshatras!


    This course is a fascinating study of the Nakshatras (stars) in Vedic Astrology, and how they are linked to the astrological signs or rashis that they rule. The myths/stories around the deities associated with each nakshatra, as told by Sadaśiva, add a depth of understanding to their meaning told unlike any other Vedic astrologer I have listened to. Sam Geppi/Sadaśiva obviously takes his role as a teacher very seriously and has studied his subject in depth. I have taken several classes from him, including his Certification Class Level 1, and I highly recommend taking this course to anyone who is serious about their study and practice of Vedic astrology. I have already re-listened to several parts of it to cement the information in my consciousness!

  7. Worthwhile investment of time - UPDATE


    I definitely found this Nakshatras 80/20 course to be an excellent overview of the Nakshatras and a worthwhile investment of my time.

    The course’s strengths include: a) in-depth 1-hour explanation of the sidereal zodiac; b) an insightful look at the overall cycle of the Nakshatra and related triplicities; c) spiritual insight into each of the 27 Nakshatras; d) helpful summary of each Nakshatras pertinent details (deity, signs/degrees, ruler, symbol, etc.) as well as each one’s deity story and practical implications; and e) inclusion of a quick review of Nakshatras as tools for readings and predictions.

    The weakest part of the course — and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 — are the last sections on “Nakshatra Readings” and “Predictions with Nakshatras.” Relatively little time was spent on these two topics, and some basic explanations were omitted or overlooked. I don’t know if Sam ran out of time or energy, or perhaps thought the 80/20 nature of the course did not lend itself to going into those topics more thoroughly. I was hoping for more information in those sections, however, and was a bit disappointed.

    But, overall, I recommend this course as an excellent introduction to the Nakshatras, especially their unique contribution to Vedic astrology.

    UPDATE – after attending the Q&A session, I’m updating my review and increasing the rating to 5 stars. In the Q&A session, Sam did a great job of addressing the gaps I perceived previously. If you attend this course, the Q&A session is highly recommended — it pulls a lot of concepts together, provides perspective, and also introduces some new material not covered earlier. Good stuff!

    • “The weakest part of the course — and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 — are the last sections on “Nakshatra Readings” and “Predictions with Nakshatras.” Relatively little time was spent on these two topics, and some basic explanations were omitted or overlooked. ”

      Nah, its because I had already talked about the principles throughout the entire weekend. I showed case study after case study with the specifics of timing the entire weekend. (Predictions) Then I explained thoroughly why those 4 components are the most important in the “Readings” section, based on all of the case studies and principles we had just discussed.
      I appreciate the review Nancy, but I think that criticism is a bit unwarranted. Besides, there is also the “Q and A” weekend if people have more questions about that part. But it is just mimicking what I had just showed and explained (How the Moon, Sun, Ascendant and ascendant ruler comprise the Nakshatra reading). I even used the Ballerina as a specific example.

  8. Amazing amount of material covered


    First the foundation on how it’s all “put together” and then detailed explanation of each and how they fit together.
    I saw my own life patterns repeating in the course as it was taught.
    I am confident no matter how many times I review this course, there will be more to learn from it.
    Thank you , Teacher.

  9. Wonderful


    This solidified my learnings of the Nakshatras and how I can use them in readings. As I continue to learn Jyotish there are “holes” in my understanding of certain concepts. Nakshatras was one of them and that gap has been filled. Thank you so much.

  10. Good


    It’s an elaborate course on the nakshatras. Even though I like to think that I know quite alot about the nakshatras already it seemed like a good test for myself to take this course. For people who are really interested in the subject I can say it’s worth it.
    I fell asleep twice(I watched the first part twice) during the part of Ashlesha, he talked about it’s connection to lord Vishnu sleeping on the couch. I thought that was very poetic and goes to show how much alive these nakshatras really are even in the midst of just talking about them.
    I agree with Nancy that he could go more into depth about predictions through dashas using the nakshatras but that’s better reserved for another course altogether and perhaps Sam already has one. It’s an 8 hour course and it takes alot of concentration to listen to and certainly it must also be so to teach. It’d be very tough to go deep into dasha reading as well within that time frame. Perhaps it’s a good idea as a follow-up course to dive deeper into that subject.
    Thanks Sam.

    • “I agree with Nancy that he could go more into depth about predictions through dashas using the nakshatras”

      I just need to clarify this. Every chart example that I described, through the entire weekend, I explained it as being activated through the dasas. Every time.
      By the time I got to that section of the class manual, I just went back over the charts again to clarify what I had already taught many times, by then.
      I am saying this because I do not want people to think that I am not teaching the predictive part.
      I am teaching it the entire time.
      So again, the criticism is just not accurate.

      Perhaps you just wanted to see me do that over and over again. But instead, go back and look at the manual and what I said and the chart examples I used the entire time. I taught this.. Frankly, I am one of the only Vedic astrologers who teach these things so precisely AND illustrate the principles as I did in the course with chart after chart. Every example was also accompanied by an explanation about the dasas and WHY the karma happened at that time.

      I am not saying it to be defensive, and I do appreciate the feedback. I am saying this so you will learn what I taught. Just watch the first few Nakshatra examples, with Ashwini and Bharani and you will hear me explain the Dasas as well. Then through to the weekend I keep doing that. Every time.
      I even make a distinction with the “Pushya” story, that the karmas ripened in Venus Sub-dasa, activating Bharani, but the Moon is in Pushya. I also explained with Bill Gates, that the Nakshatra ruler was not active. W/ Angelina Jolie I explained Mercury ruling all of those planets.

      Every chart was also a case study in the timing.

      So by the end of the class, in the manual, I was just formally explaining how I did it and what to formally look for.

      Maybe that helps.

  11. Light above light


    When I started to learn about Vedic astrology, Nakshatras were like a finest knowledge that I felt as crucia,l as light above light, but I struggle to remember them all and connect them with other parameters.

    In this course I have learned exactly that – how they flow and give that super light to life, and how to translate that to people.

  12. So many epiphanies


    This is one of the best courses out there to understand deeper psychological underpinnings of an individual through nakshatras. What Sam infuses in the body of these mythological stories is ‘Bhav’, the inner juice / emotion (for lack of a better word because English doesn’t have a literal word for bhav) that really helps you connect to your own inner nature as an expression of the cosmos.

  13. Great class on the connection between Rasi and Nakshatras


    Great 8 hour course on Nakshatras as well as their intrinsic connection to the sidereal zodiac.
    Sam does a brilliant and concise explanation of how and why the connection between Rashi signs and Nakshatras is an integral part of Vedic astrology. Coming with a back ground of 15 years of practicing western astrology and now the last 5 a vedic astrology convert, it was the Nakshatras that really drew me into a deep dive into vedic astrology of course using sidereal calculations.
    Sams wholistic approach to explaining this fascinating subject really ties together how one Nakshatra leads to the next through ancient myths and metaphors.

  14. Interesting course


    It was an interesting approach to nakshatras that definitely enriches all I´ve studied about nakshatras and I find the pdf that summarizes the information provided very useful. However I would have appreciated an example putting together sun´s moon´s, lagna´s and lagna ruler´s nakshatras encompassing the hero´s journey.

  15. I really enjoyed this course!


    Thanks Sam, very grateful for your teachings. This course has connected perfectly with the previous courses I have taken – Rashis, Rulers and The Holistic Zodiac and Vedic Astrology From A to Z – WOW! so much to dive into now. Vedic Astrology is now my favourite hobby (obsession). Booked into your Nakshastra reading too – very exciting.

  16. Amazing!


    Sam is the best vedic astrology teacher that I’ve ever met. He’s sharp, he gave us all of the essencial teachings in an unique and in a profound way.
    This course helped me understand the nakshatras in a systematic way, and without this class I could never understand the nakshatras. I read lot’s of books on this subject but the information was not clear for me, and I had several questions that were answered on this 8 hour class.
    Thank you Sam, for every contribution that you give to world.
    I highly recomend this course if you want to understand the nakshatras!

  17. sam loves to teach!


    excellent course, as always!!! sam has done all the deep diving into original sources & shares his embodied wisdom generously & graciously. he always gives 200% value. but be warned: he’s not going to give you all the answers–he’s going to give you the information so that you can ponder what it means; he’s going to empower you to trust your own knowing. & do make sure you take advantage of the forum—another incredibly generous aspect of all of sam’s courses, where you get to ask him anything (related to the course, that is). enjoy!

  18. Inspiring and Empowering


    Sam was recommended by Dr. David Frawley in a recent live seminar as being a really good teacher. It’s true. He draws the myriad details together in way that makes the nakshatras easier to understand and begin to remember. And then he exhorts you to use the knowledge so that it will really come alive. I loved the journey of this course.

  19. Easy to understand


    Thank you Sam! You have make this information very relatable and easy to understand. Also appreciate all of the chart examples to see how the Nakshatras can show up in real life.

  20. 5

    Enjoyed this one — tying the Nakshatras very deeply to psychology and spirituality. I got lots of new insights and nuggets of info.

  21. 5

    I enjoy listening to you and admire how profound your knowledge is and how you can combine all the stories and represent them as a higher wisdom.

  22. Nakshatras 80/20 - Well done, insightful, and inspiring


    The Nakshatras 80/20 is a great course for those that want to get a deeper insight into the amazing dimension of Jyotish.

    This is the first workshop that I’ve taken with Sam Geppi, and with that, I was impressed by his level of dedication to the Vedas, his insight of the Nakshatras, and his passion for helping bring the knowledge of Jyotish to light. One thing that struck me, as the difference that made the difference, was that Sam pushes his students to go deeper, to take the time to digest the knowledge, and to practice every day. That level of clarity and tenacity of teaching are rare.

    I highly recommend Sam Geppi’s approach and the Nakshatras 80/20 Class.

    I’m looking forward to future classes and diving deeper into the vast world of Jyotish.

  23. Excellent Course


    Great explanation of the Nakshatras! A must have.

  24. So happy to have this course!


    Nakshatras was a topic I was intimidated by for some reason and I looked forward to it at the same time. I’m so grateful for this next layer of education.
    What this course gave me was another level of having compassion for the qualities one has in their chart.
    We all have gifts to share but when it doesn’t align with ones own beliefs, it can cause conflict. So this really helped to educate myself, especially with those people in my life that have come in and out to get a deeper look into their tendencies and to honor who they are and to even come to more completion vs feeling confused not understanding another.

    I also did a reading for a friend immediately after just on the Nakshatras and she felt so seen and a sense of liberation to know that she can be who she is rather than disliking those qualities about herself and to reflect how she can express them in her highest form/nature. Thank you, Sam for these weekend courses!

  25. This course is excellent for getting to the foundation stones of the Nakshatras.


    Sam is a purist at heart, and blows off the dross of confusion, or misinterpretation, of the Nakshatras like Rudra shooting down Prajapati!

    Good stuff.

  26. 80/20 Nakshatras


    Hi Sam
    I had difficulties listening to you during the question and answer period, especially as time went on. I actually couldn’t listen to you speak and had to come back to the material more than once. The level of frustration in your words, I found to be intense. It was like you were doing a job and just wanted to get it done. I was not able to grasp what you were teaching as there was so much energy behind your words, it shorted my brain. I still have not been able to wrap my brain around the teachings on how to do the Nakshatra reading due to the way the material was presented, with such intensity. Please go back and listen to your presentation during the question and answer period especially at about 3/4 of the way through.
    Thank you Sam.

    • I get it. No need to go back and listen, for me.
      I noticed that you had many of those “but what if this is here”,.. “what if that s there,.. ” type of questions.

      I explained “those type of questions” in great detail, as why there is no point in trying to answer them individually because I am teaching to show YOU a system so you can answer those questions yourself. Again, I explained that concept in great detail in the class, and I think everyone pretty much understood that point.

      So, by the end, when the chat was just full of those type questions, then yes – I was done with it. It had been about 2 hours by then. So, I think that is fair.

      If someone is an absolute beginner, that might upset them (or something) – or they may focus on my “tone”, as you are doing (it seems). I get, but there is only so much I can do about your sensitivity, frankly. I do not want people to feel the way you do, but I also know that we all take from things what we are seeing.

      I do know that usually serious students appreciate this part of the course, and my teaching. They appreciate that I am not constantly getting sidetracked with these type of questions. Instead, I focus on the system that allows YOU to see / answer these questions yourself.

      So, anyway, the course was more than 12 hours of uninterrupted teaching, including bonuses, yet this is the only point you made in your comment, to tell me to go back and listen to my tone and to tell me how much that tone disturbed you and prevented you from learning anything. I guess this is what caused you to rate the course as “1 star”.
      OK, so be it, Cara!

  27. Nakshatra 80/20 Review


    Very helpful. Great way to get yourself re-calibrated for doing VEDIC astrology, not just astrology. Thanks Sam!

  28. In Depth Nakshatra Course


    I appreciate Sam’s teaching style and feel like I learn well from him. I may have to listen a few times to get it to stick in my brain, but he is very thorough and to the point. This was also the case with the Nakshatra 80/20 course.
    I’ve done some self study on Nakshatras, reading books and info from websites, but this course tied them all together in a way that nothing ever has. I feel it was very worth my time and effort, especially since I can always reference back to it.
    For those that complain, maybe finding a teacher that you learn from better would be a good option. There are no teachers that can teach in a style that everyone learns well from.
    I also appreciate how Sam deflects the non relevant questions that just throw everyone off course, since I also get a little irritated with them. Thank you Sam for keeping questions related to the material.

  29. Excellent!


    Oh how I loved delving deep into the ancient myths and seeing how the stories play out “in practice,” in our lives. Very thorough descriptions and great examples to better understand the as above as below principle. Thanks Sam!

  30. 5

    Sam has once again generously shared his astrological knowledge and experience, building a course that goes directly to the heart of the Nakshatras and its correct use to determine when a certain result will occur as well as how to advise a client on its fundamental aspects: feelings, “mission-path” in life, abilities to achieve it, and the source of power that will help transcend this existence.
    Thanks Sam

  31. Nakshatras 8020


    I began studying Nakshatras about a year ago. This course defined and brought further depth to my understanding. As a fan of Myths – the stories here just add to the adventure. Personification is so important in explaining how Energy and Form are related. Thank you Sam for this course, interesting and fun.

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