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  1. Phenomenal Course!


    Being a Relationship Astrologer, this course gave the key foundational points for any Synastry and/or Horoscope matching to bring consistent results! I also enjoyed having outside Astrological practices and referencing sewn into the course to show the material is alive in today’s world! This has seriously upped my Synastry and Horoscope Matching potential along with even helping me understand my own personal relationships! Mr. Geppi explained each point in crystal clear understanding, and I am appreciative for bestowing these keys to Synastry success!

  2. life changing


    Sam’s course literally saved my relationship. i can’t thank him enough. both i and my partner could see through ourselves so clearly after taking this course. this knowledge is precious, its life changing. thank you so much Sam 🙏🙏

  3. So essential!!!


    It is a Vedic Astrology course, a GREAT one and you will really learn how to see the factors that are important for a relationship and be able to give a direction for a client but BESIDE that you will understand the core essence of every relationship – THE FLOW of feminine and masculine that makes life – of a relationship too, but on first level – LIFE itself!

  4. Relationship 80/20


    Great course, gives much perspective on masculine/feminine dynamics and the essential things to look out for in compatability readings. Highly recommend

  5. Awesome class


    This course was great. I would recommend taking the course to not only help others in relationships, but to have a better understanding of yourself!

  6. absolutely is life-altering


    The way Sam understands and teachs about relationships has changed my entire way of interaction with men. I have been studying Allison Armstrong and Diana Richardson (European) stuff for years now. Also have put in work to understand my sexuality and feminine nature by studying/practicing David Deida and Sheila Kelley’s work. But Sam really helps connect all the dots. After studying with Sam the entire paradigm of masculine-feminine really grounded and established in me fully.

  7. So Helpful!!!


    This is a wonderful course to really understand the male/female principles of planets when viewing relationship charts. Sam is a great teacher and able to really break down complex Vedic concepts into bite size pieces for any budding astrologer. Thanks Sam!!

  8. Must for Everyone


    The course helped me understand my transgender child and why the behavior so. Helped me with our relationship and received a new angle to it.

  9. Worth it even for beginners!


    I really am learning a lot through this and a very great explanation of the principles.

  10. 5

    I got a lot out of this course. Many sobering facts that will ultimately help you understand yourself better in relationships. One big takeaway is how “strong women” and “sensitive men” have a tendency to attract each other and how this can be due to vulnerabilities they feel. So much to unlock in this course that will deepen your understanding of relationship dynamics and what makes them work.

  11. :)


    This is a great course to know the role of everyone in a relationship, especially ourselves. What we bring in to it, our tendencies, projections, our capacity to be in a relationship. Of course, very well structured and explained by Sam. Thank you.

  12. The Most Important Points to Bring out in Relationship Astrology


    This was a very comprehensive two day course based on the Paredo Method which emphasizes the most important key 20% considerations to examine and bring out within relationship readings which delivers 80% of the important results to explain to clients related to relationship synastry, compatibility, and understanding their partner patterns expressed within their relationships. Lots of depth here, that can be brought out in relationship analysis to help clients understand what they bring to a relationship, since they are the common element within their relationships! Well worth adding to your arsenal of skills for helping clients understand why their relationships unfold as they do. I highly recommend if you want to focus on relationship readings, that these are the crown jewels. Great job by Sam being comprehensive in his presentation of this valuable information. Don’t miss it!

  13. Relationship Astrology For All Bonds


    I am grateful for Geppi’s Relationships 80/20 course. It provides the basics for understanding the dynamics between two people regardless of sexual identity. The techniques cover the feminine and masculine aspects of the planets in signs and what may be ‘triggered’ when each person’s chart is overlapped.

    I walked away understanding myself better regarding how I used to approach relationships and what to consider for a longterm bond. In addition, I am more aware of why buttons get pushed with friends and family.

    Relationships 80/20 also includes practice charts of high-profile couple, plus Geppi and his advanced students provide personal stories to enhance the lessons. The course is open to anyone regardless of interest or understanding of Vedic astrology, but I would suggest at least a cursory level knowledge of grahas, rashis, and nakshatras.

  14. Great Approach


    If the concept of masculine and feminine dynamics is something new for you I would definitely recommend this course. I was particularly fascinated by the practice of synatsry which seems obvious but I had never thought of looking at the interaction between two individuals in such a way and also the masculine and feminine expressions of each planet within their respective places in the zodiac. These were my main take aways from the course and its certainly deepened my own understanding of my own individual proclivities as well as greatly assisting me to understand those close to me better. I really appreciate Sam’s approach to this subject also in that he teaches tendencies and probable dynamics rather than being black and white about it which for me is a very helpful approach if the objective is conscious growth and self reflection through relationship.

  15. Deep insight into the realm of human relationships!


    Wow this 8 hour course was packed with really applicable information regarding relations ships between men and women.I really appreciated the way Sam presented the important foundation of the deeper principles of masculine and feminine before delving into the planets and chart analysis.Weather you are a practicing astrologer or just seeking to understand relationships and your role in them , the wisdom here is profound and could help heal the way men and women relate to each other. I love how Sam brought up several different Rasi charts of couples so we could see all the techniques and principles in action. And for you tuff girls and sensitive guys out there this could shed some light of understanding on the patterns that can keep us stuck in painful scenarios.Sams 80/20 course offers tools to break free from unhealthy patterns and help our clients as well as our selves find more joy in our relationships. Thank you Sam you may have saved my marriage LOL!

  16. Fascinating and deep insight into human nature and relationships


    Sam’s method of teaching is addictive, extremely easily to follow and yet succinctly covers such deep and fundamental concepts. My understanding of the interplay of masculine and feminine principles has been enlightened over two days. Along side his conceptual descriptions, Sam provides personal examples and case studies which helped ground my knowledge, making it much easier for me to understand and re-explain these observations to others. The course is only $97, but the knowledge I acquired was truly invaluable. If you have ANY interest in understanding the nature of relationships, DO NOT hesitate to take this course.

  17. Masculine and Feminine Energy and the locations of planets and its effects


    I came into this class thinking I was going to learn all about planetary placements and its effects on relationships. I learned that and so much more! I see strong woman everywhere…. especially in TV commercials. Thank you for another enlightening class. The material is just a applicable to ones own life as much as learning Vedic Astrology.
    Thank you Teacher.

  18. RE: Relationships 80/20 Fast Track


    Thank you Sam for putting together this course. It was very helpful in understanding how Vedic Relationship Astrology works and how to explain to clients the relationship that they have and why they are in that relationship at that time.

  19. Exellent Course


    This course was extremely helpful. I especially enjoyed the time Sam took diving into the interplay between masculine & feminine energies. That Alone made the course more than worth it not to mention all the other valuable knowledge contained within it. I will absolutely be taking more of these courses Sam has to offer.

  20. Relationship 80/20 Review


    I really enjoyed this class. Sam really flushed out the primal issues that create friction in relationships. By deeply understanding the masculine and feminine PRINCIPLES, it eliminates all the confusion that surrounds gender roles and behaviors these days. I’ve personally come a long way and done intensive work previously on what I now know to be “sensitive man”, but it’s a breath of fresh air to see what’s really going on and why. Great class. Highly recommend.

  21. 5

    Sam, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. It is an unique experience listening to you. You have priceless ability to explain how it all works and make it reasonable and logical.

  22. Relationship Realities


    This course captures the importance of understanding both oneself as well as those relational partners through the lens of masculine/feminine and elemental energies. Turning attention to several case studies we find the practicality of individual capacity for relationship, how to understand synastry and kuta matching and the huge application these have in relational readings. Sam takes the weekend and turns it into an opportunity for personal and professional growth for his students. Get this course!

  23. Better than expected!


    Since I had been studying quite a bit of the masculine/feminine subject, I a bit concerned at first of how much time we would spend reviewing what I had already been educated on…however after completing the course, I can now see how Sam set the stage for the psychological aspects to play into the analysis when we started to read the chart examples. Which I now feel it helps to explicate rather than just explain a rather in-depth topic. While says things over a few times which is helpful if you missed something, pay attention to the things he says casually once when it comes to qualities or a reading, or when he says something is important, it really does play into the whole picture of the analysis.
    Since then I have been reviewing romantic partners that have come into my life during different cycles and it’s so fascinating how the stars can truly mirror your life!

  24. This is a great for learning the advanced techniques of relationship compatibility


    This was a well-taught and thorough course in relationship astrology and synastry in general. Many advanced techniques were explained and demonstrated with many examples. There is also a quiz at the end of the course where you can see how well you have learned the material. Having the little bit of pressure is good: although I’m kicking myself for making some mistakes when I actually knew the correct answer! lol

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Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of “Yoga and Vedic Astrology” and “The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology”. He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science – which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 250 students enrolled. Sam is certified level 1 and 2 through ACVA and CVA and was hired by Dattatreya Shiva Baba to teach the first Astroved Vedic Astrology Certification Program in 2010.

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