We are all blind on this earth. We come from the light, yet we struggle in darkness. The specifics of …

We are all blind on this earth. We come from the light, yet we struggle in darkness. The specifics of that darkness is shown in astrology, and takes the form of what we call “karma”. That karma shows the imprint of your actions taken during your past lives. It creates your attachments and tendencies in this lifetime. Modern psychology uses terminology such as “shadow”, “blind spots”, “projections”, etc. to identify how that karma feels to us. Every consultation I do and every chart I look at is nothing but a collection of these Karmic/psychological tendencies. We can see all of our inner conflicts and greatest glories from the chart as well. Polarizing Extremes = Pain and Attachment  Nothing reveals your true nature more than the extremes in life. Those extremes are played out in many different ways. Oppositions and and other type of polarities in our personality are explained by astrology. We are learning to evolve beyond this pain and attachment. You will learn:
  • The deepest and most confusing blind spots for each of the 12 zodiac signs.
  • Planetary opposites and how they express and reveal the light and shadow from each other. Mars/Venus, Jupiter/Mercury, Sun and Moon/Saturn or all opposites.
  • Relationship entanglements and how they reveal our projections and blind spots - seen astrologically.
  • Opposition aspects and how every planetary opposition reveals a specific blind spot, relative to which planet is opposing it. We will go over every possible planetary opposition!
  • Dignity’s of planets, especially exalted and debilitated planets, in their role in blind spots and shadowy images/ projections.
  • The nodal axis, what it reveals and conceals, based on planet it joins and the sign/House axis it occupies. I will explain all of this. Especially important is delineating the sign axis from the house axis.
  • Mindsets and strategies for greater compassion with yourself and others about these blind spots. Now it is tempting to label others as narcissists, crazy, slutty, etc. - and make matters worse. As astrologers, we are examining people’s karma. These are all tendencies people have, and we all have every negative tendency! As astrologers we are in a great position to understand and bring wisdom into these charged accusations that our clients make against others, etc. We will examine the motivations of the ego and "confront the accuser" (the one labeling the other).
  • Other important astrological factors that lead to confusing blind spots, as well as shame, rage, and the other toxic entanglements we see. Much of this toxic enrichment does not come from the classical oppositions, it comes from other sources, which shows why there is so much blindness, confusion, guilt, shame, hostility, sadomasochistic tendencies and even murderous rage.
  • A lot more.

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  1. lisaterwilligerJune 15, 2022 at 1:13 am

    Blind spots


    This was a very thorough look at specific chart issues. So great for internal reflection, as well as for helping clients to contemplate things that they may unknowingly grapple with, shining light on areas needing connection.

  2. Great Course !


    This course is great! I would recommend it for everyone. Thanks again Sam.

  3. 5

    This class has been eye opening. Many of my questions about the relationship of the planets to each other were answered. Sam always has relevant examples that help translate the influence of the planetary energies. The time flew by and really could be a longer class. Thank you!

  4. Deep Insight


    The deeper you go into the study of Jyotish, the more you become aware of the ‘polarities’ of human nature within an individual and how the karmically-conditioned mind colors one’s thoughts and subsequent actions. Sam, Malini and Alix give superb presentations in this Course of providing us with a framework for the understanding of the dynamics of astrological polarities along with personal cases that apply this wisdom to real lives. This includes that of opposing houses, (of note that of 1st and 7th) ), opposing signs, and opposing planets (Rahu/Ketu always present) – the ultimate polarity being that of the embodied ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’. I gained a greater appreciation of how these ‘tugs’ between opposites represented in Rashi charts can exaggerate our actions and bring confusion and obstacles in our lives. This Course is a gateway to understanding why we often behave in contradictory ways to our well-being. It provides the Vedic Astrologer the wisdom to recognize this and help others to be aware of these tugs within themselves on their path to ‘self-enlightment’. Highly recommended!

  5. I am grateful for this course!


    It was great privilege for me to participate in this course. Perfect as an optional study at intermediate and advanced levels! It summarizes in detail the basic concepts of Vedic astrology. Teachers present in-depth knowledge of the topic and also openly and honestly give personal examples of their particular life experiences, which is unique and very instructive. Nowadays, it is not easy to meet authentic teachings, whoever finds it opens a treasure chest with it. I can only recommend it to anyone interested.

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