On this special weekend I am going to go over the full practice of Vedic astrology, from the most primordial …

On this special weekend I am going to go over the full practice of Vedic astrology, from the most primordial origins to the most granular practices and system, to reading charts, studying astrology and even teaching astrology. Almost anything you can imagine about Vedic astrology will be covered and discussed. I have 32 general subjects / categories that I plan to spend 15 minutes each discussing. I am going to take you through the entire system, so you understand what, why and how Vedic astrology works. Seeing it all laid out conceptually this way will shift your perspective about Vedic astrology. You will see how it works, what it is revealing and who you are in this lifetime. How to organize the different parts of the practice is one of the most challenging parts of astrology. All of this will be clarified and deepened. This class is great for beginners or advanced students who want to understand the bigger picture. A to Z Weekend 8 hours - 47.00 - 32 topics x 15 minutes each.
  • Indian Culture (Texts, Spirituality, Practices)
  • Zodiacs/Cosmology
  • Nakshatra Based timekeeping in Vedas
  • Panchanga based Astrology
  • Sankya Frameworks(Gunas, Elements, Castes and More),
  • Other universal concepts in Astrology (Flow, proximity, etc)
  • 7 Planets,
  • 12 Signs,
  • 12 Houses,
  • Nodes
  • Nakshatras 2 - Astrology scheme
  • Combustion and Retrograde
  • Aspects
  • Important Yogas
  • Dignity
  • Harmonic charts
  • Special indicators (hemming, Vipareet, neecha Banga, etc)
  • 4 Karakas
  • Shad Bala
  • Vimshopaka
  • Avasthas
  • Transits
  • Dasas
  • Ripening of Karmas
  • Parashari System
  • Tajika  System
  • Varshaphal  System
  • Prashna System
  • Priority and Sequence
  • Integrating Doing readings
  • Studying Astrology
  • Teaching Astrology

Course Currilcum

    • A to Z Discussion Forum 00:00:00
    • Video Sessions and Manuals 00:00:00
    • Video Sessions and Manual 00:00:00
    • Q and A Weekend Recording 00:00:00

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  1. lisaterwilligerMay 10, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    Vedic Astro A~Z


    Really enjoyed the overview of the basics and the expansion to Jaimini. A lot of great information, whether a beginner, or advanced. Ty

  2. Thorough and Helpful


    This class really does cover everything from A-Z, at least in overview form; it’s pretty amazing. I think newer students can get a lot out of it as an introduction and overview of everything that is involved in Vedic Astrology, but even older students will probably learn new things and it serves as a helpful review. For me it was very helpful as a review and in teaching me the basics about some things I had heard about but did not understand, so I could pursue them more in depth later. Thanks Sam!

  3. Vedic Astrology from A-Z


    Great introduction and inspires thirst for deeper understanding.

    Susan Morgan

  4. Viewed as recorded session


    Good course. As a novice, I found this helpful to begin to tie things together.
    I wont be able to read charts yet but its a foundation knowledge to understand how the universe works.

  5. A to Z and so much more


    i thought i had an understanding of the basics before i took this course. Instead, i was awakened to how much more there really is to learn.
    Almost all of day 2 were brand new concepts to me. But Sam’s way of teaching broke down even the most complicated of topics into pieces that could be comprehended.
    I’m not an expert, but I am far more knowledgeable that before i took this class.

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