Why am I teaching a “Beginners” Class  Understand this: It’s not really a “beginners class”. Yes, it is for all levels. But …

Why am I teaching a "Beginners" Class 
Understand this: It's not really a “beginners class”. Yes, it is for all levels. But it is actually a great “reset” for the hundreds, if not thousands of astrology students that have taken my courses over the years. These two weekends will help to reorganize and refocus your efforts, if you have been studying off and on. But it is also a great way for beginners to come in with fresh eyes.This course is for you if:
  • You've been studying Vedic astrology off and on, but you've not found a sensible structure to explain things in proper context or to help move you forward to deeper study.
  • You have mainly been interested in western astrology, and are trying to get into Vedic and you want a good, focused course to tie it all together in a comprehensive, fun and friendly way.
  • You want to learn Vedic astrology, but may seem "too complicated" and/or you may be encountering strange teachings, like using the tropical Zodiac with Vedic methods, etc - Or other ideas. This will be a clean reset, so you can understand these teachings on their own.
  • You've gone through certification courses, including mine, and you were very inspired by it. But then you get back to your life, back into the "Video snacking life” from other astrologers, etc. - thus you are not really using the deep and you are not using profound knowledge that you gained from these courses. Well, this will be a long overdue shot in the arm. This weekend will reorganize those teachings again, and add a lot more to what you did previously.
  • You want to hear my latest and most streamed line methods and tactics AND/OR you want to hear these teachings through fresh years,... YOUR OWN!
  • You're interested in overall self improvement and wanting to understand eastern, dharmic practices (which include yoga and other spiritual practices). You have a sense that everything is connected somehow, but you don't know how. These weekends will be all inspiring for you. You may have a hidden and buried passion for astrology and these spiritual teachings, and you don't even know it exists.
Realize this, as with all of my courses, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the course I will give you back your money. It hardly ever happens, because I am known to truly overdeliver, just like I'm doing here. But you are free to take a chance. You will get close to 20 hours of teaching for only $79.Understand Something. This is not a retread of my greatest hits, or something. These are new teachings, with newfound insights, with a renewed focus, with renewed concentration on just the most important aspects, and they are also being taught with the assistance of four great astrologers and Co teachers, which really helps to bring the teachings to life in a very enjoyable way.

Course Currilcum

    • Bonuses 00:00:00
    • Session 1 – W/ Dr. Malini Iyer 00:00:00
    • Session 2 – W/ Casey Scott 00:00:00
    • Session 1 w/ Elise Devilliers 00:00:00
    • Session 2 – W/ Alexis Cox 00:00:00
    • Session 1- with Casey Scott 00:00:00
    • Session 2 – With Dr. Malini Iyer 00:00:00
    • Session 1 – With Alexis Cox 00:00:00
    • Session 2 – Elise DeVilliers 00:00:00
    • Class with Alexis – Q&A with Malini 00:00:00
    • Begin Reset Restore Quiz 3 days

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  1. I was so grateful to attend this class after completing the Level One Certification. There was new and important content that connected the dots from the wealth of learning from the certification program. For someone new coming into the realm of Vedic Astrology it’s a great foundation. For someone with experience, Sam is true to form in that he adds new ideas and concepts that glues it all together. Great class! I’m glad that I have it in my member library to revisit. Thank you!

  2. Excellent source of traditional Vedic Astrology teachings


    I am just beginning my Astrology readings journey and this course was the prefect ‘Reset’ that I needed. It has helped me to simplify and organise all the many techniques and details that I had cluttered in my mind.
    I also love the extra bonus classes I purchased – so valuable.
    You are very kind Sam for making all this knowledge very easy to understand and extremely affordable.
    Love the graphics and templates.
    Thanks to the other teachers too – they added much value.

  3. Excellent Weekends Course to Begin, Reset, and Restore your knowledge


    Excellent weekends course that offered a well-elaborated and thorough summary of the main points of Vedic astrology. The classes covered a great deal of information. They provided appropriate study materials giving a deeper understanding of the planets, signs, nodes, and nakshatras and techniques explaining how to organize the information to start reading a chart. That was an interesting and excellent package taught by knowledgeable teachers; I highly recommend it.

  4. Debra E BentzenMarch 16, 2022 at 1:08 pm

    Begin, Reset, Restore Your Vedic Astrology


    Sam, Your course was great! There was so much information and it was thoroughly presented by both you and your co-teachers, Malini, Casey, Alexis and Elise. All them were a wonderful compliment to your teaching style. I have watched and listened to you present Astrology for a few years now. I was somewhat skeptical to be honest but I took the plunge and I am so happy that I did. I have an astrology background and have taken immersive courses before however they were nothing like your classes. You present such a comprehensive base of knowledge and a common sense approach in organizing this vast storehouse of knowledge.
    Thanks Sam, You will see me again in your other courses – Guaranteed!

  5. Comprehensive Review/Overview


    This course provides 8 sessions of rich information that encompasses the essential gems of Jyotish knowledge. It is an excellent review for those who already have a grasp of this astrological mandala and is an inspirational overview for those less familiar to gain a deeper understanding of the wisdom it can afford that can be completely life-changing for yourself and others you may advise. Highly recommended. Stephanie

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