Jyestha – The Eldest

The last Nakshatra in this section of the zodiac is Jyeshtha which is from 16:40 to 29:59 Scorpio.

Jyestha – The Eldest – Video



Sign(s)/Degrees:16:40 – 25:59 Scorpio


Symbol:Kundal (earring), umbrella, talisman

Story: Jyeshtha is ruled by the God Indra who is the king of the gods. This is called the star of warfare and it is about doing battle over the righteous cause. Often, people who have planets in Jyeshtha can certainly be warriors. They are not afraid to take it on and to take on the battle. They will not back out from a fight especially if it is the righteous fight.

Indra had a little bit of a swagger about him especially later in the text like the Mahabharata and some other texts. Back in the Vedas, Indra was the king of the gods and did lot of heroic tales. He had Rudra who is his helper and assistant who would restore righteousness and Dharma.

The great story of Indra is he allowed himself to be swallowed by the dragon who stole all the water from the Earth. Then he cut his way out of the belly of the dragon in order to restore all of the water to the Earth. There is a lot of emotional courage and the willingness to even perhaps dive for our principles thinking that we can still slice our way out of any difficult situation in this Nakshatra.

People that have planets in Jyeshtha must be careful not to just attract drama and want everything to be this kind of battle. This is the difficulty of it, being set up to win the battles. It is easy to make something sound like they don’t back out from the battle but they might kind of fight too much. Often it is a mixture where even if situations are just kind of neutral, it get’s turned into a little bit of a battle because then they want to feel the intensity of winning.

These are all kind of biases that each of the Nakshatras have. With Jyeshtha, it is the tendency to turn everything into some kind of intense, yes or no, well, where’s the thing to fight for, where’s the battle? Sometimes there is no battle; the battle means to happen within.

As always, the symbol of returning something to Earth and being swallowed by the dragon is about being swallowed by our own insecurities or emotional fears and knowing that we have to get swallowed up by that dragon and we can cut our way out of the belly eventually. It is the true inner courage like everything. It is all about an inner battle.

With Jyeshtha, we have to be careful about the outer battles because we might become sort of a fool as Lord Indra was often portrayed in later texts where he would get into some power struggle with an Asura and he would lose the kingdom and then they have to call Lord Shiva or someone to win the kingdom back because Indra lost it. We need to be careful of throwing our ego around in the name of righteousness.

In general, Jyeshtha is ready to take up arms. This Nakshatra is at the end of Scorpio where Scorpio then ends and goes into Sagittarius.

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