You will learn:

  • The Zodiac – astronomy becoming the Signs and Houses (nailed together)
  • The magic number “12” (Signs, houses, months)
  • Planets as ruling signs and houses from every perspective
  • Interpretive similarities and difference between Signs and Houses
  • The planet, house and the other house it rules
  • All 12 Signs examined holistically
  • Dominant Bhava chapter in Parashara – Rules and Exceptions to rules.
  • Doing a reading just with planets in signs
  • Making predictions just with transits

Course Curriculum

Q and A Forum
Forum 00:00:00
Day 1 - Saturday May 22
Day 1 Recordings and Manual 00:00:00
Day 2 - Sunday May 23
Day 2 Recordings and Manual 00:00:00
Q and A Weekend
Q and A Weekend 00:00:00
Rashi’s and Bhavas Exam 00:00:00
Rashis and Bhavas Exam
Protected: Rashis and Bhavas Exam 24 hours

Course Reviews


37 ratings
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  1. Learn about all the details


    A great 8 hours of study and deep drill down into the details of the Zodiac. You’ll walk a mile in those shoes through a deep analysis of the Rashis, Rulers and the Holistic Zodiac. Over time when you’re learning or practicing Vedic Astrology you can sometimes overlook subtlety in the signs and the houses, etc. courses like this submerge you back into the roots of your studies and water those roots again so you can more fully enjoy their fruits in your practice and a deeper retooling of understanding.

  2. Excellent


    Mr Geppi has a wealth of knowledge and has an intuitive ability to condense a sea of information into an understandable and relatable format. Throughout his courses concepts are explained in a multitude of different ways to help information to sink in. All of his classes including this one are excellent.

  3. 5

    Thank you Sam. This course was informative and added another layer to understanding Vedic Astrology.

  4. Excellent and Practical


    This is my second course with Sam, and he is a fantastic and captivating instructor.
    Having a teacher with this much passion, really makes the subject come alive. Thank you Sam!

  5. Amazing!!!!


    This course was awesome!
    Sam explains things in a very clear, creative and sharp way.

  6. Great from every point of view


    I was amazingly surprised by the teaching ability of Mr. Geppi and by the effort he put in this class. He is an extremely knowledgeable and committed person. I am very grateful for the deep insights that made me look at the zodiac in a totally new and different way. I will definitively follow other courses by him. And I thank him for the great opportunity.

  7. This is a great course! Very helpful.


    Clear explanation of the progression & evolution from one sign to the other, one house to the other… Lots of “Aha” moments… deeper insights gained. I have to work at memorizing so it’s very useful that we have access to this information indefinitely. Thanks Sam for putting this knowledge in the related packets that you do. Excellent teacher.

  8. Nowhere else is the zodiac and the nature of each zodiac sign taught so well


    The depth Sam went into with explaining the sidereal zodiac, ayanamsha, how we are measuring the Sun two different ways was very insightful. The way Sam explained each rasi (zodiac sign) was so deep that I’ll have to listen to it over and over again for it to really sink in.

    Everyone must study this course thoroughly to understand the foundations of astrology.

  9. Like taking a college course


    This was my first class and going into it, I was afraid it would all be over my head. Sam provides wonderful handouts and approaches the material in a logical sensible manner. I thought I did well the first day. The second day was more advanced and I again managed to “keep up”. And that’s because of Sam’s ability to make things make sense.
    I can see listening to the class over and over.
    Having a live q&a is wonderful.
    Now to work to pass the test and achieve the certificate.
    I did my studying and I passes the test.
    I feel an amazing sense of accomplishment
    Thank you Teacher

  10. Very informative


    I’ve been studying and practicing Vedic Astrology for 20 years and I still learned things in this course that I will integrate into readings.

  11. Great Course


    Thank you Sam. As always you might say its Sam’s show but actually the depth of explanation you go into is amazing. You simplify the stuff and it is easy to understand.

  12. Excellent!


    This short course (8 hours or so) is an excellent study of the signs, their planetary rulers, and the holistic zodiac, along with very helpful chart reading explanations. I also appreciated gaining new information regarding dominant bhava rules and insights regarding sign appearance implications. Much value for the price and well worth the time involved!

  13. 5

    Gold nuggets in this course. You’ll go in-depth into the importance of the Sun and Moon for every ascendant and how the houses they rule affect their expression. You’ll learn how to interpret the nature of all the grahas based on dominant bhava (house) rules and so much more. This course offers great detail, structure and organization that will help you make sense of and navigate the ocean of vedic astrology wisdom.

  14. Excellent Course


    I have done a few of Sam’s courses and they have all been great but I think this is my favorite one. Thanks Sam.

  15. Signs and Houses


    Sam Geppi is a no nonsense instructor yet with a wonderful sense of humor that lightens this course material. He explains these teachings as the foundations of astrology and exhorts the student not to get lost in complexity without a thorough grasp of these underlying concepts.

  16. Unlimited Possibilities!


    I’ve been following Sam’s teaching/videos for several years. This course was well-organized, relevant, and thorough. He has a unique way of bringing the concepts into daily life with lively examples so we can have the “words to say” to a client to make meaning for them. Thank you for clarifying, sorting out the details, and sharing your knowledge. Namaste! Trudy S.

  17. Judith Flick


    Thanks Sam i enjoyed your weekend course.I like the way you teach and have been listening to you every week talking about something going on in the night sky over the last few years which is why I signed up with this weekend course to see if i wanted to take the next step to your Certification Course.I did meet you in Sedona back in 2018 when I made the pilgrimage to the Vedic Astrology Conference and attended one of your intensive courses.Last weekend was the 3am starts here in Australia made for early wakeups but it was worth it thanks Jude



    What Sam has taught us in this short, but intense course, has opened many doors for me on how to understand and use astrology, from a systematic perspective, through universal principles. I feel enriched by his teaching.
    Thanks Sam

  19. So glad I took this class


    Sam is extremely knowledgeable and able to clearly communicate what he knows. Great class for those who wish to understand the basics in a thorough way.

  20. 5

    Great course ! Thank you Sam

  21. Excellent Course


    Sam is a very thorough and knowledgeable instructor. He is generous with information and his classes always enhance my understanding of this beautiful science. This weekend was no exception. He has a good ability to teach to the newest student and the more advanced student at the same time to give each fresh and useful ways to look at the jyotish. I loved this course and will certainly listen to it again, and know that I will gain more and more each time I do. Highly recommended.

  22. Great Breakdown


    Sam always explains things clearly and plainly so it’s easy to comprehend. I appreciate his approach and learn easily with his teaching style. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to dive deeper into the study of Vedic astrology.

  23. This class was SO helpful!


    I am a level 3 graduate with Sam, and I’ve been a regularly practicing astrologer for over 3 years now. I am always amazed how coming back to the basics over and over and over again never gets old and always roots me deeper in the work. In this course, Sam has such a brilliant and also simple way of breaking down and explaining these extremely necessary astrological themes in a way that is easily understandable. I am especially grateful for this class, it’s one of my new favorites!!

  24. As always, you over-deliver


    Thank’s for a great course Sam.
    YOU provide so much pertinent wisdom at a time when it is really needed.
    A worthy investment in my weekend, and thanks for giving the discount too.
    Thanks again

  25. Wonderful Class!


    Wonderful class by Mr. Sam Geppi. I am a beginner in this world of Astrology and I was able to grasp and understand every bit of this class. Mr. Geppi explained everything so well.

  26. Rashis Rulers and the Holistic Zodiac


    Sadasiva Sam is very thorough in his teaching methods. I appreciate the multiple and diverse explanations of each subject as they lead one to greater comprehension. I found the combination of science, history, and other resources interesting and invaluable. I have a much greater understanding and appreciation for for all life. I found his passion, humour, honesty and kindness gave me confidence to dive into a subject that I thought was beyond my understanding. Thankyou for helping those who want to learn develop a passion for Jyotish. I look forward to more teachings.


  27. rashis & rulers rule!


    you can’t learn or review these foundational principles often enough & or take enough of sam’s classes! it’s always a blessing to receive the bounty of sam’s wisdom, which comes through such incredible scholarship & deep thought on his part. he takes nothing for granted, goes to the original sources, & you can trust that he doesn’t teach anything that he doesn’t have 100% confidence in.

  28. 5

    Thankyou Sam for your enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge. I found the course so interesting and full of information. I have been “snacking”, as you say, for many, many years now and this course has inspired me to learn more.

  29. Taught deep concepts with ease


    This is my first course with Sam and I am pleasantly surprised by the deep knowledge that was packed in this short course and shared in a way that displays the wisdom of instructor. It is equally valuable for new comers or seasoned professionals as Sam takes you through the concepts and fundamentals which are key and often overlooked by astrology practitioners/students.

  30. excellent course


    The course was really great. Full of new information put in holistic perspective. Thank you.

  31. Weekend Wisdom💫


    Review and Renew! A weekend immersion into focused topics brings opportunity to spur interest, deepen understanding, and connect with a top notch teacher. Sharing his passion and professionalism for authentic teachings, Sam Geppi brings years of experience to students of every level. Much gratitude to Sam for making these weekends available.

  32. First class with Sam


    As a beginner student of Jyotish, I had a chance to take my first class with Sam called Rashis, Rulers and The Holistic Zodiac. It was an awesome experience. The most important part of the class was learning the psychology of the Rashis. In my opinion, this is the most valuable information to learn in order to effectively help an individual “know thy self”. You can help the person understand certain aspects about their selves and why they act or respond to situations in a certain manner. I love this course because it saves me from taking a psychology class, which would have been a lot of more money and time spent. When providing readings/consults, the most important asset to have is relying the information in a sensitive way. This approach will hopefully help the person make effective changes in their lives, understand their purpose in life or in some instances give them their purpose, and help them reach a higher level to become connected to God! If you plan to do readings as an astrologer or even want to get to know yourself on a deeper level and why you think, act, and respond to situations in your life in a certain manner, take this course, it will change your life! Thank you Sam.

  33. Subtle and Profound!


    This was an incredible class. Sam takes us back in time through the foundation of the initial readings of the sky and the deep connection that we have with it. Sam is an amazing Guru and I absolutely honor the space that he creates before each class and teachings. The depth and width of the knowledge and wisdom that you will find from this course in such a short time is so subtle yet so profound. I had some knowledge of Vedic astrology through my ayurvedic practices however this course really brought further clarity and techniques that I can incorporate into my practice. I am taking a few of Sam’s other classes and looking forward to learning more. Much Gratitude!

  34. Great course!


    I have been following Sam on Youtube for a few years now and have read a couple of his books. I needed something basic to start with and not have to get into the whole certification course, so this short course on Rashis, Rulers and the Holistic Zodiac was perfect for me.
    I like how the material is structured which makes it easy for one to follow along.

  35. Keep these weekend courses coming! :)


    This weekend courses are so helpful and having them monthly is making it so much more achievable for me until I can fully immerse myself into an entire certification course. It’s helping to deepen my education with Vedic astrology and it’s like nuggets that I can digest and then put into practice immediately. The course quizzes/certificate keeps me accountable to test my knowledge and I always look forward to it!

  36. SadaSiva puts Humpty Dumpty back together again


    Great course, Sir Geppi helps put everything into perspective to shift your focus on to digging deep and to not let all the puzzle pieces scare you into making something that is so vast, deep & complex, even more complicated by overthinking things and shows us that it’s much easier when we simplify things and fit the puzzle back together piece by piece.

  37. Very Helpful for a Deeper Understanding of the Zodiac


    This course helped me learn more about the zodiac and how it relates to classical Indian measurements of time, and some the history and differences between the sidereal and tropical zodiac. I also got a deeper and better understanding of the houses and their relationship to the signs, parts of the body, and stages of life, and also the nature of houses for different ascendants. One of my favorite things was learning about the relationship of the signs of Cancer and Leo to each ascendant. And picking up some techniques for doing some readings without accurate birth times was great! Thank you Sam.

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