You will learn: The Zodiac – astronomy becoming the Signs and Houses (nailed together) The magic number “12” (Signs, houses, …

You will learn:
  • The Zodiac - astronomy becoming the Signs and Houses (nailed together)
  • The magic number “12” (Signs, houses, months)
  • Planets as ruling signs and houses from every perspective
  • Interpretive similarities and difference between Signs and Houses
  • The planet, house and the other house it rules
  • All 12 Signs examined holistically
  • Dominant Bhava chapter in Parashara - Rules and Exceptions to rules.
  • Doing a reading just with planets in signs
  • Making predictions just with transits

Course Currilcum

    • Forum 00:00:00
    • Day 1 Recordings and Manual 00:00:00
    • Day 2 Recordings and Manual 00:00:00
    • Q and A Weekend 00:00:00
    • Rashi’s and Bhavas Exam 00:00:00
    • Protected: Rashis and Bhavas Exam 24 hours

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  1. Elisabeth WightmanMarch 2, 2022 at 2:59 am

    Love the way everything is individualized then connected to bring to life foundational steps.


    I have paced myself through this awesome course. I now understand so much more of the content and have been transferring it into my life through
    exploring charts and getting great feedback with these foundational steps. It really brings to life a foundation that once followed gives so much insight which can then grow into wisdom. Sam’s teaching style gives the feeling of actually being there and present within the teachings and to be able to expand this through his book he refers to is amazing as it gives ongoing expansion of the teachings here. The generosity of Sam’s time, the downloadable resources and wow for me to of earnt a badge by passing the exam goes way beyond my expectations. Thanks for such interactive, assimilable and foundational steps, very grateful.

  2. Excellent Foundation


    This course lays down the starting point for how to look at a chart. It gave me a lot of confidence and a desire to learn more.

  3. Very Helpful for a Deeper Understanding of the Zodiac


    This course helped me learn more about the zodiac and how it relates to classical Indian measurements of time, and some the history and differences between the sidereal and tropical zodiac. I also got a deeper and better understanding of the houses and their relationship to the signs, parts of the body, and stages of life, and also the nature of houses for different ascendants. One of my favorite things was learning about the relationship of the signs of Cancer and Leo to each ascendant. And picking up some techniques for doing some readings without accurate birth times was great! Thank you Sam.

  4. SadaSiva puts Humpty Dumpty back together again


    Great course, Sir Geppi helps put everything into perspective to shift your focus on to digging deep and to not let all the puzzle pieces scare you into making something that is so vast, deep & complex, even more complicated by overthinking things and shows us that it’s much easier when we simplify things and fit the puzzle back together piece by piece.

  5. Keep these weekend courses coming! 🙂


    This weekend courses are so helpful and having them monthly is making it so much more achievable for me until I can fully immerse myself into an entire certification course. It’s helping to deepen my education with Vedic astrology and it’s like nuggets that I can digest and then put into practice immediately. The course quizzes/certificate keeps me accountable to test my knowledge and I always look forward to it!

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