Time, Karma and the Cosmic Timepiece

What is time and how does it work?

What is karma?

These are the big question that astrology answers.

Because we are so attached to our life on this earth and through this body in this lifetime, we look at time and a very limited way.

First we have to understand that time exists in the mind. The mind needs time in order to think. The mind vacillates between past and future. It’s  correct to say that the mind IS time. But in the present moment, there is no time, nor is there mind.

Every spiritual tradition focuses on practices that take us out of the mind – out of time – and into the heart, into the present moment. It’s important to understand when we say “the heart”, it doesn’t mean the emotions. The heart is the connection to our deeper self, our intuition, and that flow of love, life and consciousness. But the emotions are how our mind intersects with our heart. The peace and stillness in our heart, intersecting with our mind and desires, create emotions.,

What is karma?
This brings up another issue, Karma. What is karma? The mind is made by past karma. Your tendencies were formed by your past habits. It’s those past tendencies that compel you to incarnate, with karma. But that karma is delivered to the mind as “potential action”, and the potential to create new karma. But you are not a robot or a programmed machine. Even though you have tendencies, sometimes very strong tendencies, when you introduce presence and connect to the heart, the highest potential from any situation is possible.

Then we have astrology. How does that fit into the equation?

It is through the science of astrology that you can understand time, created by karma and expressed through your mind and body.

It’s effective to look at the sky as a divine timepiece, like a watch, with many different hands. But rather than the watch being something external, it’s as if we are standing in the middle of the watch and all the different hands are circulating around us. But these are not just passive hands on the watch, they are the gods, the deep evolutionary forces that have created our mind, body and emotions.

Astrology reads the lessons and karma’s imprinted on the soul, at the moment you were born. Then it tracks the evolution of that soul throughout life, by evaluating the static birth factors – like the planetary placements in the birth chart – and the dynamic life factors – like the dasas and transits.

By reading the cosmic timepiece in motion and in relationship to the fixed factors, the karma of each being can be known – and perhaps most importantly, more creative options and deeper understanding can be gleaned.

The souls descent into form with emotions often creates immense suffering, particularly when we are ignorant of these life processes. But astrology is the science of the mind, the specifics of how it works,  giving insight into our deeper motivations and conflicts. Astrology gives answers answers to life’s deeper mysteries. We want to understand the bigger picture and the cosmic order and who we are as both an individual and a divine being.

Tracking the planetary movements day to day is one of the most important facets of learning astrology and staying attuned to the subtle and not-so-subtle rhythms of the cosmos. Learning how to integrate planetary movements with your birth chart and the birth charts of others will bring remarkable changes into your life. These changes include greater mental peace and clarity, greater success in career relationships and in all areas of life.

February 22, 2019

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