Purva Bhadra Pada – Earlier Blessed Result

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Purva Bhadra Pada Nakshatra literally means “early auspicious foot”.  It exists from 20:00 of Aquarius to 3:20 of Pisces. It bridges Aquarius and Pisces where the individual has merged with the with the collective and social, which is what Aquarius is.

Purva Bhadra Pada – Earlier Blessed Result – Video


Deity: Aja Eka Pada

Sign(s)/Degrees: 20:00 Aquarius – 3:20 Pisces

Ruler: Jupiter

Symbol: Double-faced man, stage, machan, legs of cot

Story: Aquarius is where we merge our individual identity with the collective and the social. It is where that principle then becomes even more surrendered. It is not even about people and culture, it is about the metaphysical — about the beyond.

If you remember in the previous Nakshatra, Satabhishak, the sky was charged with static electricity.  In this Nakshatra, Purva Bhadra Pada, there is the lightning strike that comes down.  First you need that air to be charged with the power of Satabhishak which brings healing reins and metaphysical awareness to find a hundred medicines and doctors.

Now that lightning strike comes down from heaven and brings us inspiration straight down from the heaven and strikes us and we have a glimpse of our divine nature in Purva Bhadra Pada.

Literally, the lightning refers to that lightning strike of inspiration that comes down from heaven in a tangible form and strikes the Earth and that is the tangible result.

The deity is called Aja Ekapada which means “one-footed goat”. Literally it is related to lightning, it is a way to symbolize lightning and one-footed goat because the lightning strikes in one spot. It is this lightning strike inspiration so it could be very inspirational Nakshatra where we can have this glimpse of greatness and immortality but we can also mistake that glimpse to be the goal.

We can be quite fanatical about things like “I’ve seen God” or “I am God”.  We are God but as a potential not as an ultimate. We have not realized God until we go to the next Nakshatra which is Uttara Bhadra and we make the commitment to really activate it. But in Purva Bhadra we get that lightning strike which is important because before that we are clueless. We do not really know what is going on until we get struck by a lightning. 

It is that kind of spark of creativity. It is related to the Kundalini. It is related to the fire coming up from Dhanishta and the static charge in Satabhishak. Then this lightning comes down and we get charged with that glimpse of eternity within us.

It is very powerful but it can be also a bit ungrounded. It is where Aquarius, which is that universalized social consciousness starts to become mystical and even not of this world whatsoever because before that glimpse we still think that our life has something to do with the Earth. Where not just of the world, where also beyond it. And this is Aquarius becoming Pisces where we get a glimpse of what is even beyond the world as a social being.

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