Punarvasu – Return of the Light

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Punarvasu shows the transition from mutable Air to Cardinal Water, presided over by Jupiter, the God of the Sky (Indra). It exists from 20 degrees of Gemini until 3 degrees and 19 minutes of Cancer.

Punarvasu – Return of the Light – Video

Deity: Aditi (Earth Mother)

Sign(s)/Degrees: 20:00 Gemini – 3:19 Cancer

Ruler: Jupiter

Symbol: Quiver, house

Story: Punarvasu means “return of the light.” After the intensity and heaviness of Ardra, we have the lightness and creativity of Punarvasu. This is very much an allegory of how in order to create anything, you need to destroy something first. We destroy the darkness in Ardra, that which has been preventing the light from coming in. We need to bust a hole in the wall to bring the light in. Busting the hole in the wall and pulling up the weeds in the garden so that we can grow the flowers have to do with Ardra

Ardra is literally related to the flood — flood of emotion, debris and intensity. After that flood, we have Punarvasu, the return of the light. After that dark storm, the sky is crisp and clear and the sun is shining bright. The entire flood that inundates the shore also washes up all the nutrient-rich soil from the bottom of the sea.

In ancient Egypt, they would always wait. After the Nile would overflow its riverbanks, it would deposit all of that nutrient-rich soil which is great for growing their crops. That is the kind of analogy. Ardra is like the flood and Punarvasu is the return of the light. That very creative principle is at work in this Nakshatra and it is between Gemini and Cancer. Where Gemini becomes Cancer, and where ideas come into the heart is Punarvasu.

The deity is called Aditi, who is the mother of the Aditias. The Aditias are the incarnations of the Sun that were given to protect the Earth. There is a very deep Earth / divine mother energy in this Nakshatra of Punarvasu.

The return of the light is this creative flow and energy that has returned now that we have made way for creativity after destroying what was making us weak. There is a lot of hope, optimism and very high standards. There can be some disappointment like a mother or a parent can have a lot of hopes with their children and think that they are going to be more than they are but they are really just people like the rest of us. There is that kind of parentage idea in Punarvasu.

Inspired yet, maybe at times, disappointed and needing to be more realistic about what is possible. That is Punarvasu, the return of the light. Planets there are inspired, creative and looking for the goodness in things.

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