November 2018 Forecast and Predictions

November 5
Mars enters Aquarius today after being in Capricorn since early May. This long and unprecedented transit of Mars, in fearful Capricorn, will end now. This should feel like a bit of a relief. There is been a “hunkering down” mentality for much of 2018, at least since the spring.

November 6
The Moon is new in Libra today, which begins a 30 day cycle of compromise and relating with others. It may be easy to lose ourselves in our partner’s needs and desires, then get frustrated and snap back against them. Be careful of this now.

This New Moon is in Vishaka Nakshtra, ruled by Lords Indra and Agni, the gods of lightning and fire. This particular 30 day cycle takes on a higher, elevated quality.

November 10-16
The Moon is joined several difficult planets this week. November 10 – 12 the Moon joins Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing an awareness of restlessness about our future, our plans and hopes. This can lead to deeper solitude based on our teachings. On November 13 -14 the Moon joins Ketu in Capricorn which shows a relentless focus on the problems of the world, including money, health, family and death itself. This also can lead to the realization that our ego and identity in this world of time is not our true self. So it’s better to not stress over it. On November 15 – 16 the Moon joins Mars in Aquarius, bringing frustration with our place in society and with our tribe.

November 16
Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio today. It will be retrograde until December 7. During that time Mercury will join Jupiter in Scorpio, as well as the Sun in Scorpio. This is a good time for focusing and deepening your inner dialogue, especially relative to your level of emotional intelligence.

November 22
The Full Moon happens today in Taurus, which provides a harmonic balance with the current sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. This is a time of increased passion and intensity, with so many planets in Scorpio. This full Moon in Taurus returns a state of balance and rest. Today (and tomorrow) are good days to connect to the heart, especially through people and experiences that reaffirm your values and your sense of connection to the world.

The Moon is aspected by Jupiter and Mars today which allows us to learn a lot of lessons from those friends and family members we trust. Mars also aspects, which may bring a certain amount of restlessness and dynamism, even frustration.

This full moon happens in Kritikka Nakshtra, which is highly auspicious. The moon is exalted here, and shows where Lord Agni, the God of fire, helps us to illuminate our mind and consciousness now.

November 27-28
Moon is in Cancer now joined Rahu which shows some very deep emotions getting activated now. This can be great for meditation and connecting to your heart. But it can also be very emotional, and those who have hurt you or who evoke strong emotions in you may pay the price. Be careful of passive aggression and other negative emotional responses. This is especially true because the Moon is joined Rahu, which leads to some confusion and obsession over our feelings now.

November 29-30
Moon in Leo aspected by Mars in in Aquarius now which ends the month with a lot of fiery passion and awareness. As was said, Mars is now in Aquarius, which is trying to strengthen your relationship to the tribe. This opposition/aspect to the moon and Leo brings that lesson into your mind and consciousness now with a lot of focus and clarity. We may see many social movements and uprising become deeply energized now.

November 2018 Forecast and Predictions

November 1, 2018

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