Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Eclipse – Pushya Nakshatra

Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Eclipse – Pushya Nakshatra

On January 20 there’s a lunar eclipse in Cancer, in the Nakshatra of Pushya.

Cancer is a sign ruled by the moon, which brings us a deeper connection to the heart. The connection is to the pure love in our heart, rather than the emotions on the surface. This is the quality of cancer that is “Sattwic”, that selfless, higher love.

Is more related to devotion than emotion. It’s the devotion we have to our children, our pets and other things we want to just love. This also includes our devotion to God and higher purposes, which develops once our children grow up and our immaturity with all other people grow up.

This eclipse is in the Nakshatra of Pushya, which is related to the breasts. It is the part of cancer that has to do with the mother’s milk and that selfless love I described above.

I say that with all due respect, because most of our relationships with other adults are driven more by our desires than by love. Those “desire driven connections” teach us something different about ourselves. Those things teach us how to navigate our desires and how to compromise without selling our own integrity down the drain.

These are all big themes as the eclipse approaches.

Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Eclipse – Pushya Nakshatra – Video

In the video I described the #metoo movement and how this eclipse is a reaffirmation of all of the progress we’ve made in the last year and a half as Rahu went through cancer. As I said at the time, September 2017, it would a years and a half where we re-establish a connection to the divine feminine, and we have seen that shift. Not just with #metoo – but also with the recent US elections and the Blue wave sweeping out many of the entrenched withe male seats – flipping them to women and in many cases women of color.

Interestingly, a somewhat controversial commercial from the razor company “Gillette”. They turned their familiar slogan of “the best man can get” to include these themes.

I also just recently did a case study on “Notorious RBG”, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Check that out also.

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January 16, 2019

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