Dharma – Karma and Who are You Before You are You?

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Dharma and Karma and the Truth Who are you before you are you?

Just like “gravity is not your gravity and the Sun is not your sun Truth is not YOUR truth. There is only Cosmic truth. In fact, guess what, your body is not even your body. It belongs to the earth. It was given to you by Dharma (cosmic truth) and karma (your level of awareness about who you are.

Understanding the nature of your mind and karma and how those things are shown in Vedic astrology might be the most important thing you will ever learn in this lifetime.

What could be more important?

Karma and Spirituality is Scientific and Easy to understand

It is remarkable how sensible and organized life in the universe is. Your spirit descends through a  gorgeous and orderly process – from the pure non-localized/universal consciousness that is your true nature, to the remarkable individuality you live and express through your body.

This cosmic order is shown in the Kashmir Shaivism and also in the Vedic astrology texts and it’s principles.

The biggest problem people have in life (and probably you too) is that they / you do not know who they are or where they come from – before they incarnate (as shown by the tenets of Kashmir Shaivism and Yoga philosophy). Then once you incarnate you have no idea what is happening in your life day to day (shown by astrology).

You also do not know the connection between these 2 things!

I hear all the time how students and astrolgoers separate our difficult karmas in life from the astrology. “Well just pray to God and your guru while this bad thing is happening, because then the good stuff will come.”

Ending the Spiritual Misunderstanding in Vedic Astrology 

Astrology is not just the problems we are trying to rise above, it is also the solutions to the problems. When Saturn is making you get real by shattering your illusions, he is also giving you the strength to actually GET REAL. That power comes from Saturn. He IS the power to make peace with the world and face our fears. So, he creates the fear that we much face in order to actualize that part of our nature.

Again, remember. You are not this separate little creature.
You are ALL, under the illusion of separateness.

The infinite power of the planets is being filtered through the small ego and your limited understanding.

March 3, 2018

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  1. Finally! It’s been a lifetime search, so happy to get here!

  2. Would like to take the class Have studied western astrology since early 60s I’m definitely ready for this!

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