Six Steps for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

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Six Steps for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

1. Slow down before you speak, especially if you are excited. This is one reason Mercury gains power when retrograde. We are usually babbling at the mouth without thinking. Now we can choose our words more carefully and all will benefit.

2. Journal. Write your thoughts down and be more introspective. This is another reason why the retrograde cycle is powerful. Internalizing ideas, and allowing them to gain strength can happen now.

3. Defragment your hard drive. Over consumption of information and clutter on you r computer can lead to problems.

4. Reflect on recent communication decisions. If you revisit them / the people involved – listen more than talk. There is valuable information that you can get at this time. This is a good time to learn better communication skills. Better to do it in the least painful way by also strngthing your listening skills. Lord Vishnu is the pervader and a good listener – He is the Deity of
5. Pay attention to your intuition. Mercury Retrograde has us kind of “thinking backwards” – we may get all the details before we even know what is happening.

6. Try to avoid entering into any NEW contractual agreements until after May 31. Ok, it is not so unique – but there is good reason for it. We (or someone else) may confuse the details and get us in all kinds of trouble later.


Access the Power of YOUR Deities


Deity of the Day

Vedic astrology is unique in that the moon enters a new star every day. These stars are each ruled by a Deity thus, each day is guided by a specific divine force. It is better to be on the right end of that force – fer sure.

Monday the Moon is in Jyeshta Nakshatra – (16:40 – 25.59 Scorpio) Lord Indra is the Deity.

Indra was the supreme ruler of the gods. He was the leader of the Devas, the god of war, the god of thunder and storms, the greatest of all warriors, the strongest of all beings. He was the defender of gods and mankind against the forces of evil. He had early aspects of a Sun god, riding in a golden chariot across the heavens, but he is more often known as the god of thunder, wielding the celestial weapon Vajra, the lightning bolt. More hymns in the Rig Veda (about 250) are dedicated to him than any other God. He was known as a great drinker of Soma; sometimes he did this to draw strength, and when he did he grew to gigantic proportions to battle his enemies, but more often he merely wanted to get drunk – There is much ego surrounding Indra and the myths about his delusions of grandeur. There is quite a fall from grace with Indra from the early Vedic days. Much of his power was replaced by that of Siva and Vishnu in later Vedic texts and Ganesha in Puranic myth.

Jyestha is where the hubris and power of Scorpio can run amuck as shown by the
ambiguous nature of Indra. Mercury shows worldly manifestation at its highest through
Jyestha. This “King of the World” attitude presents a choice, to either become intoxicated
with power or be the good king that uplifts and protects others. So is the power of this

There is no transitional Nakshatra in this part of the Zodiac.

C. The final group of Nakshatras has to do with the dissolution of energy and its
regeneration and our rebirth.

As shown by the powerful “Ashada” (victory) Nakshatras and the Moon Nakshatra
being ruled by Lord Vishnu and symbolized by an ear. Sravana means “hearing” and is
related to Mantra. It is through mantra that man reclaims his Spiritual truth. The Bhadra
(blessed) Nakshatras finally give way to Revati and his lord, Pushan, who is the protector of the herds.

Tuesday the Moon is in Mula – (0 – 13:29 Sagittarius) Nirriti is the Deity.

Nirriti is the goddess of dissolution and chaos who later became the fierce Kali. As this verse from the Atharva Veda shows, Nirriti was often referred to as the bringer of death itself.

“When, O Brihaspati, thou didst liberate (us) from existence in yonder world of Yama, (and) from hostile schemes, then did the Asvins, the physicians of the gods, with might sweep death from us, O Agni! – O in-breathing and out-breathing, go along with the body, do not leave it: may they be thy allies here! Live and thrive a hundred autumns; Agni shall be thy most excellent shepherd and overseer! – Thy vital force that has been dissipated afar, thy in-breathing and thy out-breathing, shall come back again! Agni has snatched them from the lap of Nirriti (the goddess of destruction), and I again introduce them into thy person.- Let not his in-breathing desert him, nor his out-breathing quit him and depart! I commit him to the Seven Rishis: may they convey him in health to old age!”

This first Nakshatra of the final Cosmic Zodiacal cycle shows clearly the need to transform
the materiality and Tamas of the previous cycle into something beyond.

Mula shows the quality of Sagittarius that is courageous fierce and independent.

Wednesday the Moon is in Purva Ashada – (13:20 -26:39 Sagittarius) The Deity is Apas.

Apas is the Goodess of the Oceans and an early reference to water as a balancing and nourishing principle. From the Shatapatha Brahmana (II.1.1.13), it clearly states that
“The waters (of Apas) are female, Agni is male.” This message is repeated in II.1.1.14. “In this context the waters (Apas) serve as the shakti of agni, or at a minimum the flow and movement of Agni.” Within the ritualistic teachings of the Yajur Veda this relationship between Apas and Agni is very important. Apas as water shows the feminine principle of receptivity and nourishment and Agni as fire shows the male principle of clarity and perception. They must be in balance or there is too much emotion or intellect. The connection to Venus is clear. (The Planetary ruler)

Purva Ashada shows the devotional nature of Sagittarius.

Access the Power of YOUR Deities

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