Vedic Astrology – Measuring your Perception of Reality

Vedic astrology is the best tool I've ever seen for understanding yourself as the perceiver. Looking at the Vedic astrology chart you are seeing the consciousness projected out from within the person.
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Vedic Astrology – Measuring your Perception of Reality

“Your perception of reality reflects who you are, not what reality is.”

Who are you? What are you perceiving?

We now understand that what we call “reality” is just a projection of our own mind and consciousness onto life situations. Of course, there are empirical facts that exist. The earth is revolving around the sun, it rotates once on its axis, which we call a day. But empirical facts are not what we refer to as reality.

In this context, reality means what we think is really happening in our life. What is really happening in your relationships? What is the real reason why you’re not succeeding in your career? Is that thing you’re scared of that scary at all, or just a projection of your imagined fears, based on your past conditioning?

Your Own Reality?

Of course, in this context, you are living in your own reality. You might even say every person is living in their own dream world, that they are projecting onto a very neutral canvas of life. We are all a work of art, a work of God’s art. And we could look at our life as a painting, even as a masterpiece, especially when viewed from a third-person perspective. But it certainly doesn’t feel like that from day to day. No, day today we find ourselves grinding through the same struggles, I’ll be it a little different version, as we have our whole lives. Of course, we are making progress, but usually progress comes after pain and suffering.

Vedic astrology is the best tool I’ve ever seen for understanding yourself as the perceiver. Looking at the Vedic astrology chart you are seeing the consciousness projected out from within the person. That moment of incarnation is a culmination of lifetimes of karma, and shows unalterable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual constructs within the person.

Vedic Astrology Chart

Vedic Astrology Chart with Static and Dynamic Factors

Karma Fixed? – Vedic Astrology says “no”

That arrangement of energy is fixed at birth. That doesn’t mean every activity is fixed and every response to every life situation is fixed. No, of course not. In fact, we are all here to respond with clarity and presence to every unique moment. The karma seen in the birth chart shows the nature of our projections onto these life experiences, both large and small. It both shows the aggregate of your energy, and the specific moments that are being developed in you at any given time – based on the current dasas and transits.

Vedic astrology is both complicated and simple. From the outside looking in, as a potential student for example, it looks extremely complicated. But this is mostly because you are complicating it. Of course there is a lot to learn, but as I said it is essentially quite simple. It is simply organizing and arranging all of these life forces into living, universal frameworks. These are the same frameworks that lead to peace and stillness when you practice yoga or eat healthy, etc but instead of applying them to moving your body or your diet, you are applying them to the living forces of consciousness.

You can learn Vedic Astrology

Years ago I realized that Vedic astrology was being massively overcomplicated in the way it was being taught. This is mainly because teachers did not have a system in place. Instead, it was thought that someone needed to be “gifted” in order to understand and practice astrology. But again, that is not really the case. Vedic astrology is like any other subject that you can learn, if you go to a college and want to learn it. At least I know it is for those who study with me, because I have broken it down and dedicate most of my time to teaching students, who are interested, how it works and how to practice it and actually do readings and help people.


April 23, 2022

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  1. There is no doubt that ur gifted or talented Sam, apart from ur dedication to learning and teaching vedic astrology, u have an incredibly easy way of communicating and translating the astrological ‘forecast’ into everyday speak – not everyone can, or wants to communicates complex human emotions and feelings – so in that way u make it really relatable. I don’t know my birthdate and I feel as if the book is closed in my case, but I still find it interesting and fascinating

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