Relationships 80/20 Fast Track Course



Relationships 80/20 Fast Track Accredited Course
8 hours – 47.00 – Plus a Live Q&A Class.

You will learn:

  • The truth of Masculine / Feminine Energy (Moon’s and “Elemental”)
  • Most important synastry points, in general and for any Chart.
  • Most important Kuta’s and how to interpret and explain them.
  • How to “counsel” people in all of these situations. How to phrase things diplomatically and explain relationship karma (both with THAT person and in general) and cycle through immature notions (Soulmate fantasies, their relationship is BAD but they still want it, etc.)
  • Outline everything you should know, but focus on these “80/20” factors.
  • Going most deeply into the most important factors will be the essence of the weekend.
  • Earn a Badge and Certificate in Relationship Astrology Principles.


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