Astrology of Childhood Patterning & Struggles



You will learn:

  • Exactly why and HOW you incarnated – the system and structure of Karma. You will know this for sure, not just “believe in it”. This knowledge allows you to trust in Cosmic wisdom and relax.
  • What are the major lessons you were DESTINED TO LEARN from your family? They were not your tormentors, they were here to teach you hard lessons, even if they did not know it. Get more forgiveness and compassion.
  • Your deepest karmic frustrations and blind spots. These blind spots can ENRAGE YOU and keep you stuck in the mistakes of the past. Ironically, these blind spots are also the key to unlocking your deepest potential and where you have the most innate skill and wisdom.
  • The psychology of your deepest frustrations. The important zodiac signs that show the inner turmoil you were destined to face. Learning this unlocks your counseling style and how you show up for others.
  • Why you still feel like that sad little kid inside, no matter how old you are. How can you work with and “re-live” those painful childhood memories without being indulgent and staying stuck in the past.
  • Little used, but important planetary influences that show the specific feelings underneath different qualities of your childhood. These subtle, cosmic directions are uncanny.
  • The main, specific area of your adult life affected by your childhood. This area of life is where you feel stuck.
  • Exactly how and why you rebel against your past, your parents and your conditioning. A lot of this is unconscious. Growing past your childish rebellion is essential for your maturity as a grown up.
  • Making the unconscious – CONSCIOUS. As you know, so many of your triggers come from the rusty old chains of the past.
  • Authentic devotion to God and spirit, where YOU are powerful and beyond the “Savior Complex Projection”, which comes from parental disappointment. This makes you smart and vigilant to abuse in your relationships and lets you see through “false prophesies and teachings”.
  • A lot more.

  • Ketu in Houses and Signs and with Planets (as Rulers)
    This shows our blind spots and our sense of outrage at those who held us back. The sign of Ketu shows how we felt about those early childhood burdens. The house of Ketu shows the main area of life affected. The planets (mainly as house rulers) show a wider sphere of influence under scrutiny by our childhood story.
  • Moon (Memories), affectation to the Moon.
    The Moon shows our soul’s journey through many lifetimes and through this lifetime as well, as we grow and develop. How our childhood and subsequent life feels to us. The Moon is the innocent open heart that is just trying to merge with pure love. It is the same innocent heart you had as a child. It is the reason your life (and childhood) still feels like it happened to you, even though it was decades ago.
  • 2nd house and it’s lord (Values).
    We inherit the values of our birth family, then throughout our life we evolve those values and create “our soul family”, our “tribe” through the second house. This soul family bridges our unique nature (1st house) and out ego/interests. (3rd house).
  • Dignity of Important Planetary Rulers (deep dive into Deeptadi avasthas).
    These cosmic and important directions can unlock hidden secrets into your divine intelligence.


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