Rahu and Ketu – Befriending the Shadows



On This Weekend Course We will discuss:

  • Healing Myth – Psychological healing and potential of the nodes as seen from the creation myth story “Samudra Manthan”, the churning of the milk ocean.
  • Toxicity or Purification – Transforming toxicity and poison into nectar with the lunar nodes.
  • Blindness and Ignorace – The crippling “false choice” created by the nodes and the pathologies that result.
  • Everyday Psychosis – The every day “psychotic tendencies” you have and how it just seems “normal to you”.
  • Fated Connections – your parents, your lovers, and most of the deep entanglements in your life have a strong connection to the nodes.
  • Sex, Drugs and Power – Many of the unconscious power plays, sexual dominance, charisma, escapism and hallucinogenic qualities of life are seen by the nodes.
  • Kundalini / Goddess Awakening – The Nodes ARE the kundalini, but exactly how does that work? It’s very simple but shocking and the answer comes directly from the creation myth story.
  • Tracking The Serpent as it Bites and Heals – You always need to know where the nodal axis is, relative to your chart and the world. The great cycles of time will be explored.
  • So much more – we will discuss every planet, sign and house – as well as the Nakshatra’s of each Nodes. This class will be a tour de force!


The Lunar Nodes, Agents of Divine Confusion.

The nodes are confusing, which is often be the worst thing to go through in life.

Think of it like this, we can see other negative tendencies, our anger, jealousy, fear and other negative tendencies. But what about those things you don’t see, or worse those things you justify because you are certain that you’re right and others are wrong?

How many times in your life did you go on for years thinking you were right, not understanding the entire time that you were just confused about who you were and why you were doing something. Think of damaging relationships or awful career choices – where you were telling yourself a false story and believing it – all the while people around you were trying to tell you the truth – but you would NOT LISTEN.

Blinded by obsession or blinded by rigid certainty are the symptoms of the lunar nodes and planets in the nodal axis.

Why would God want us to be confused?
What is the spiritual benefit of “divine confusion”?

When we are confused we do not listen to anyone’s advice, either because we lack the experience (Rahu) or because we think we already have “been there and done that” and are an expert with no need to be counseled (Ketu).

The Original “Shadow Work”

But this is just the beginning of the story, because the nose also represent a deep split and polarizing in our psychology. In the West now “embracing our shadow” is very popular. “Shadow work” is shown to be a way to make the unconscious levels of the mind more aware and bring them into the light.

The darkest, most unconscious forces in the astrology chart are the lunar Nodes. Whatever they influence through planet, sign and house become major themes in our life.

But exactly how does it work? Of course, that is the entire reason to study and take this course.

I’ve been studying the nodes with enormous detail for close to 20 years now. Actually, when someone has his many planets with the nodes in their birth chart, and in their first house, those things become important.


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