Nakshatra Intensive Weekend


Nakshatra Intensive Weekend. This course was taught live in San Diego in the Summer of 2018



Nakshatra Intensive Weekend. This course was taught live in San Diego in the Summer of 2018

~ Vedic Nakshatra’s Immersion

Without an understanding of the Nakshatra’s, Vedic astrology is not possible. Maybe it seems like using Nakshatra’s is just too complicated for you, but I assure you it is not.

After this weekend you’ll know how to use Nakshatra’s fluently in your daily life and in your astrology chart analysis. Not only that, you will understand the bigger picture behind the Nakshatra based/cosmic/sidereal zodiac in general.

Class Structure:
I will start the weekend with an overview of the zodiac’s and the cosmological/astrological basis for the zodiac’s, as they relate to the sun and moon and earth. There are three main ways to calculate these zodiacal cycles and all three need to be understood.

Then we will become immersed in the structure of the Nakshatra sequence, as it relates to the story of creation, life on earth and transcendence through form (Without this larger context it’s hard to grasp the full meaning of the Nakshatra’s as a whole).

The Nakshatra connections to the astrology signs will be delved into. There is a beautiful and seamless integration between the energies of the Nakshatra’s and the corresponding astrology signs.

Each Nakshatra will be described in great detail, including the myths and symbols, with case studies and real-life examples from attending students.

  • You will learn how to use Nakshatra’s in chart reading, in great depth.
  • You will learn which facets of the Nakshatra’s have most to do with “relationship compatibility” and how.
  • Attendees can have their charts handy, and be following along with the deeper myths and Nakshatra energetics.
  • Attendees can practice reading the charts based purely on Nakshatra factors. This will be experiential, not just listening to Sam lecture.

I will teach some things I have never taught before about how to use the Nakshatra’s, and special things I have observed by doing more than 200 paid astrology readings per year, for close to 15 years.

A lot more.

The Value of face to Face Interaction
It is hard to put a price on the connection that is made when we come together and meet face-to-face. It is a great blessing that we can study together online, but the bond that is formed in person is completely different and can radically shift your perception on what is possible with your astrology studies.


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