Family Karma in Vedic Astrology



You spend your whole life trying to evolve personally and spiritually.

You’ve been to classes, gone on retreats, then out of the blue there’s a message from your mother, and suddenly you’re 10 years old again, triggered.

Or your sibling , who really knows how to get under your skin, makes a passive-aggressive comment online.

Or maybe more typically, on the holidays at the family gathering, trying to navigate a minefield of intolerance, judgment, old wiring – like a fuse to a bomb ready to explode.

This is the family you were born into but it’s not necessarily the family you will create.

Creating your soul family is as important as understanding your birth family. it is not possible to do one without the other.

It is not possible to really know yourself until you unravel your past and examine those triggers.

That’s exactly what we’ll do in the upcoming course on Vedic astrology and family Karma.


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