108 Planets of Vedic Astrology



It’s impossible to take your Vedic astrology knowledge to a deeper level without understanding the unique nature of each planet as a house ruler. Until you do this, your understanding of Vedic astrology is going to be shallow.

That doesn’t mean you can’t understand certain principles, make some very insightful and correct statements about the nature of certain things that happen.

For example:
~ Jupiter is still always going to be a great benefic planet, that inspires us to look for higher meaning and purpose.
~ Saturn is still always going to bring some obstacles to overcome and push through.

But you will be missing the most important component, the component that allows you to see with 100% clarity and truth, the likelihood that a person will be crushed or redeemed by overcoming those obstacles of Saturn. Whether or not that quest for higher meaning and purpose leads to focused and inspiring action, or spiritual bypassing and delusional thinking. Whether or not that Venus, and the worldly happiness we seek, is something liberating and embodying, or something highly distracting and the biggest obstacle we need to overcome. Whether or not that Mars, that warrior for truth, is actually disposed to fight the good fight or to destroy all potentials for happiness. I could go on and on, but that’s just on the surface.
If you don’t understand this “functional nature” of each planet, then you also cannot understand the most important predictive system in Vedic astrology, which allows you to see the greatness in everyone’s chart and in everyone’s life comma, analyzing yogas, especially Raja yogas.
you will be 100% in the dark, and will instead rely on the simplistic “good or bad” assessments attributed to the planets by amateur or beginning astrologers. As I said, because astrology is such a powerful system, even beginners can make a lot of sense out of it and say some correct things. They may even do readings that help people, and shed light on their spiritual lif because astrology is incredibly powerful.
But you will not be able to predict with any certainty whatsoever what will be the result of certain planetary cycles. You will have no idea whether they will bring success or failure in the endeavors. You also will likely not know what the real themes and activities are during these planetary cycles, because that is dependent on the nature of these planets as house rulers first and foremost. Thus, if you do not understand this unique nature of every planet, which changes for every ascendant, then it doesn’t matter how many more details you pile on top of your begin quote astrology knowledge” it is going to be on an incredibly shaky foundation.
At that point, you are just piling nuance on top of a confusing structure.
Each of the 12 signs is not just one sign, It is that point in the sky in relation to every other point in the sky. Those sections of sky are ruled by planets. Therefore, every planet is in fact 12 different entities, different for each ascendant, each sign.


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