Vedic Astrology Current Danger – Saturn Mars Sun Rahu Jupiter Venus Mercury

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I have written this quick report about Vedic Astrology and the current danger – Saturn Mars Sun Rahu Jupiter Venus Mercury, and the possibilities of how / when we will come out of it. Planets moving through the Vedic astrology signs tell the story. This is mainly just bullet points about the situation. There is an endless nuance that I could have added. But I just want to give the news straight and easy to digest, as these things are serious.

Peace for a dangerous world
Saturn is the planet of peace and Mars is discipline.

Overview of Current Danger:
The Saturn / Mars conjunction now, with Rahu in Aries, (soon to be joined by the Sun in April, then Mars this summer) shows the possibility for war, including nuclear, etc. But it also shows the possibility of revolt, rebellion, against authoritarianism – such as in Putin’s Russia, and in the US and all hegemonic structures (real or perceived). There is benefit and danger in this, as we live in a very divided world now. All types of war, including Civil war, is extremely high for the next several months and through the summer.

Current Vedic Astrology:

Saturn Mars in Capricorn Until Early April
This has some ominous potential. Saturn, the planet of consequences, including death is very strong and in its own sign. He is joined by exalted Mars, the planet of destruction, explosiveness, and war itself.

On the surface, this looks like more war and devastation, and that is certainly possible. But it is also possible that this could show the destruction of the war itself, the end of it, with an uprising/revolt against Putin, or the powers that be in Russia that are continuing this maniacal destruction, which at this point is doomed to fail. The Ukrainian people are not going to relent. Thus, even if he “wins”, it will be over a devastated country with people who will constantly sabotage the puppet regime he wants to install. Certainly, the calmer and cooler heads in Russia understand this at this point and realize Putin is just destroying their reputation, their fortunes, etc.

DB Mercury until early April

This shows miscommunication, miscalculations, and the potential for leaks and chain of command issues that could be damaging. We may also see these things ultimately be beneficial, as Russian defections mount, press leaks undermine Putin’s stranglehold on the press, as bad news / the failures of this campaign dissolve Putin’s propaganda and undermines Russian army morale even more. There may also be overreach and miscalculations in response, not taking threats seriously enough.

Just around the corner – There is light ahead with several transits, exalted planets, etc.

Jupiter Ukraine
Jupiter’s Grace Over looking Ukraine

Jupiter in Pisces starting April 13

This could bring a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and unity, not to mention diplomacy, especially when Venus joins Jupiter at the end of April.

Exalted Sun in Aries – starting April 14

This shows individuals rebelling against oppression and the wrong path. Of course, rebellion is disruptive and even dangerous. This may also show a dictator digging his heels in and fighting to the death. Remember, Hitler had his sun in Aries. It is a placement for dictators.

Eclipse season with Sun in Mars Ruled Aries

This shows where both the spirit of rebellion and the spirit of dictatorship gets ratcheted up, as Rahu magnifies and polarizes the tension. Mars as the ruler of Aries makes this an explosive combination, and I expect it will destroy the current situation and set us off on a new course, in one way or another. Let’s hope it destroys the destroyers.

Exalted Venus – starting April 27

This can show a time for increased diplomacy and higher humanitarian awareness. This is particularly true because it is joined Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, as well.

A few months from now (6/27-8/11)

Rahu / Mars in Aries – This should also be a very explosive and dangerous time.

Never forget, that you are a transcendent being – in the world but not of the world. The soul is eternal and unstained and unperturbed by all worldly activities.

When clouds obscure the stars in the night sky, the stars never disappear, we just forget they are there. Nothing that happens in this world can destroy your true nature. But of course, that does not mean we should or can bypass the suffering of the world.

I hope this was helpful for you to read and not distressing.

March 24, 2022

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