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Saturn comes after Venus.  Whereas Venus brings us into the world of desires and happiness and pleasure and, most of all, people, Saturn senses the limitations of anything in the world and realizes it’s all going to end.  Saturn is the part of us that realizes the enormity of time and the effects of time to obliterate all things of matter, including our bodies and people we love and the awareness that everything is going to end at some point.

This sounds very bleak, but it’s only bleak if we’re immature.  This fear of death compels us to get to know our self on a deeper level, and, in fact, it’s only when we face the threat of losing something that we truly appreciate it.  This is the greatness of Saturn.  We see things taken from us that we love, that we care about, that we thought were going to be there.  Once this happens, we must look much more deeply into the nature of it and of life itself and find an answer. The nature of Saturn, in this way, makes us grow up.

Saturn makes us mature about life and the way things are here.  We try to run from these unpleasant truths, and we remain immature and childish.  In fact, there’s nothing wrong with the way things are. Once we realize the nature of who we are as a spiritual being, then the truth of Saturn becomes a great power for us because we’ve made peace with our fears and no until we make peace with our fears will we be able to overcome them and relax into the fullness of truth and love in our hearts.

Saturn can be an energy that feels as if we’ve been cheated, as if things haven’t been fair, as if time has not been fair to us, so you’ll see many old people wind up feeling bitter and hanging onto the past because they’ve not grown and they’ve not matured.  This is the problem of Saturn.  We must realize the nature of life, learn to let go of things.  Everything has its time, and then that time passes.
This is maturity, and this is the Saturn growth process.  Once we’re able to do that, we’re able to live in solitude without clinging to others to make us feel happy, to make us feel safe.

Saturn comes after Venus because Venus is very related to other people and the world of happiness, and Saturn realizes that that, too, is limited.  And that will change.  That will end, and we must face this in truth.  And, when we do, we wind up being able to create the greatest joy in life.  And that is to be happy for no reason, to be present, and to be resting in our true nature.

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  1. Very intuitive and knowledgeable !

  2. Sam you are just amazing. Love the way you have explained the planets. makes so much sense. I am glad that I enrolled on your course. Thanks so much for sharing all your information with us.

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