Free Vedic Astrology Lesson – Planets – Mars


Mars is the planet of defending our boundaries and territory.  Mars comes after the sun and moon because once we are produced as an organism, which is what the sun and moon do, then we naturally want to defend ourselves and make sure we’re safe and powerful individuals. Everyone first wants to feel like a strong individual, and they must be able to have the courage and strength to act with their own autonomy.  Because if not, then you literally might be killed.

Mars is the power within us to defend ourselves in an urgent situation, which includes fighting.  He rules that black and white nature of the mind that doesn’t rationalize or think straight in the heat of the moment.  If someone tries to attack you, you’re not going to rationalize it and think about why.  You’re just going to fight to defend yourself.  The nature of Mars is of that action-oriented quality.  Beyond fighting to the death or fighting to protect ourselves, Mars shows our energy focused in a direction all the time. Our actions are very simple; they’re black and white.  Mars shows the integrity of our actions.  We’re only doing one thing at a time and we always think it’s the right thing.  No one says I’m going to do the wrong thing.

This is why when someone has a problem with our actions and then someone says we did the wrong thing, we immediately defend what we did and argue because at least in our own mind, we are always doing the right thing.  This idea comes from Mars.  The power in this is the power of our actions to be in accordance with our principles. When our actions are in accordance with our principles and our sense of right and wrong, then we don’t feel the need to defend ourselves against those who have a problem with that we do.

We only defend ourselves when we are not acting in accordance with our principles and we are not acting from a place of authentic strength. In this case, when someone apprehends us for what we do, we argue and fight and try to prove that what we do is right and what they do is wrong.  This is why Mars is a very important planet to Earth. Disciplined activities such as martial arts and yoga and transforming that warrior nature into a very disciplined approach where our actions have the integrity of our teachings is his nature.

This is why people will kill for religion or teaching because in their mind, however misguided it may be, there is a sense of righteousness to those actions.  This sense of righteousness comes from Mars.  It’s a very black and white nature and shows where we don’t consider our consequences in the future.

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