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Jupiter comes after Mercury, whereas Mercury is that flexible quality of life where we try many different things but we don’t really have a direction, we don’t really have a goal in mind, we’re very neutral about the outcome because we’re experimenting and playing. Jupiter is where we sense that life has meaning and purpose and we try to connect with that purpose.

So Jupiter comes after Mercury to connect all of that information gathering with a higher goal and purpose. So Jupiter is all about meaning, philosophy, hope and bigger things in life. Because even though life is in the details, which is how most people look at things, those details need some sort of meaning and some sort of goal if they’re going to lead to growth.

This quality of growth is really important with Jupiter areas of life. Jupiter is all about growth and expansion in all ways. For instance, Jupiter is related to children because children grow. He’s related to teachers and teachings because teachers and teaching expand us and make us grow. So it’s this sense of hope and meaning and purpose in life that is related to Jupiter.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the sky, he’s the part of us that is big and we sense that there’s something big inside of us and we want to feel it. We want to feel connected to it and when we’re not, we suffer. Even if we fulfill all of our desires and we have the wife, the child, the job, we look for more – a deeper meaning behind those things.

There’s more to life than stuff, but what is it? What are we looking for? Why is it that all human beings feel the need to grow? Grow toward what? These are the big questions of our life and these are the areas that Jupiter rules. So Jupiter is the part of us that gives us the sense that there’s more to life than just satisfying our desires. There’s a whole host of important things that we need to learn and areas of life that are bigger than just here and now.

So Jupiter sends us searching for a teacher. Then we find things like religion and meaning and purpose in those higher qualities of life. The difficulty with Jupiter is we may feel disconnected from the day to day details of life and instead of processing things, we may try to rise above them and explain them away to some big philosophy, much like a person who is a religious zealot only wants to explain things through their big abstract ideas. But when it comes down to talking to people as individuals, they may miss them, they may talk over them and they may even talk down to them.

So with Jupiter, it’s about trying to live the life in the world, but also to stay connected to the other world.

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