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The full moon of devotion, service and transformation

The full moon of devotion, service and transformation On May 18th, 2019 will experience the full Moon in Scorpio, in …Read More

Profile PhotosadasivaMay 16, 2019

Shad Bala – Dig Bala

DIG BALA – This is the directional strength of a planet. Dig Bala (or reverse Dig) – When planets are …Read More

Profile PhotosadasivaApril 10, 2019

Shad Bala – Sthana Bala

STHANA BALA – This is the positional strength of a planet. Sthana Bala consists of five components: 1. The first …Read More

Profile PhotosadasivaApril 8, 2019

2019 Pisces Cycle

The new moon was in Pisces on Friday. This starts a 30 day cycle of Pisces energy, which has to …Read More

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Full Moon in Virgo – Equinox – March 20, 2019

The equinox is a time when, based on the Earth’s orbit around the sun, the sun appears to cross the …Read More

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Time to Get Your head in the Game – New Moon on March 6 2019

On March 6 we have a new moon in Aquarius, which begins a new 30 day cycle related to Aquarius …Read More

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Sedona Yoga Festival

You can register here at this link. Use this code for an 11% discount  – GEPPI11 – On the weekend …Read More

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Astronomy in Astrology – GeoCentrism | HelioCentrism | Ptolemaic Theory Overview

It’s hard to do astrology well if you are completely clueless about the astronomy. In ancient times, astrologers first learn …Read More

Profile PhotosadasivaFebruary 25, 2019

I am an astrologer, But I don’t believe in astrology

That’s right, I don’t believe in astrology, yet I’m an astrologer. This might seem odd to some people. How can …Read More

Profile PhotosadasivaFebruary 22, 2019
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