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    Judith Flick

    Hi CoVianna

    I tried to clear the formatting with my document

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    Judith Flick

    My only child Phoebe was born on Friday 13th Oct under the Vedic weekday of Venus.Her tithi is Krishna Pachami 2oth day of the Lunar month and 5th day of the waning moon.Krishna Pachami is rules by the planet Jupiter the division Purna meaning full abundant.Krishna Pachami natives …can easily churn up their emotions so they need steadiness in relationships otherwise stress and worry can cause problems.The ruling deity is Chandra and this tithi is healing and prosperous.It’s nature is also referred to the Lakshami Prada meaning wealth giver.

    Also according to the book Muhurta Chintamani Krishna Pachami is also related to the Naga Deity who rules serpents thus it is favourable for all actions of which the Nagas are responsible for secret knowledge ,gaining wisdon ,administering medicines,ourging of poisons and surgeryas well as the rivers lakes seas and wells and generally guardians of treasure.This is info I found when I was researching this tithi ,but I have no knowledge about  the book except it comes from a long family line of astrologers.

    Her moon is exalted in Rohini Nakshatra in Taurus whose ruling deity of Prajapati(creator and protector).This Nakshatra is symbolic of the chariot and the meaning is described as ruddy cow ,growing and red(which is related to the star Aldebaran representing the fire red eyes of the Bull of Taurus in the Consellation)Rohini is fived in Nature of Manusha (human) race and ruling animal the Serpent.Her moon is   15 degrees so it falls in the second pada ruled by Venus .Phoebe is a big fan of the highland cow and visited places just to see them in the flesh.She also loves to wear red lipstick if she has special event on and lucky for her she inherited the fathers lips .And her eyes are more like her mum.

    Phoebe spent her early and school years in a mall town by a river in an old house not far from the ocean and we had a lot of large Python snakes and water dragons that lived around our house and would often find themselves inside.We had a few Kelpie dogs over those  years and they would often sniff out the snakes trails .One night I remember I found a 2 metre Python wrapped around the inside window frame near our tiolet in a small laundry room.I shut the door and told Phoebe who was quite young then and had gone to bed not to go to the toilet as I had to coax a python out the window .She said mum I’ve just been to the toilet.They were often so still you would not notice them straight away.Lucky they shed their skins so it would give us a heads up at time one was around.Another time I was about to take Phoebe to the airport to fly to Sydney to see her dad and she had forgotten her jumper and I went back to get it as I entered her bedroom a python was emerging from behind her cupboard and slithering across her dressing table.It was so surreal.That was just a few snake experiences we had .so the serpent energy was very strong while she was growing up.

    She enjoyed her early school years but going into high school she struggled a little to fit in as her friends at the time wanted to buck the rules ,wag school,try alcohol or drug and she had no interest in that.She was not an A grade student but she had a small group of friends in her senior years of school and she loved movie making music and art.She got selected to go to a singing week workshop so we packed up the dogs and the car and rented a house there so she could attend.That was the best thing that finally brought her out confidence as she got to spend time with like minded students with a pssion to sing and perform.Her father had remarried and she would reguarly fly to Sydney to visit along with young step siblings who she cared for dearly.But she would come home often and be upset on how badly they were being disciplined it worried her because she knew they would always be a part of her life.

    After school she moved to Sydney to do a music performance course and lived with her fathers family until she found her feet and moved out with friends .She was always a very caring individual whenever they were preparing for a performance she would rally around making sure everyone in her class was organised for the show they nicknamed her mumma Pheebs.One more snake story she had bought her boyfriend home one very hot long weekend in Oct 2015 and I saw large snake coiled up on the back verandah.I said to her look at that big snake she said mum it has two heads!Snakes up to no good on the verandah was a little scary for they boyfreind to witness and never had we seen that before.

    Her interests in her teens and now into her twenties have been music ,songwriting ,cosmetics and makeup,fashion interior decorating(all Rohini traits).Over the last few years she has become a vegetarian and is very conscious of only eating healthy foods.A year after she finished her course she landed a job to be trained in Music Licensing for Sony Australia.I remember not long after she got the job she baked cookies and sweetened up her work colleagues with fancy vegan cookies,she wanted to show a colleague who had been buying cookies down the street that she could bake better ones and she got the feedback that she did.They have also now given her control of doing alot of the grahic art work now which she enjoys as well as pitching songs for different projects.She is trying to fit in her own music time and set up a youtube page Phoebe Miranda  a number of years ago and also bring back together the band her TAFE friends formed.But the lastest Delta wave as put a stop to that.We catch up most mornings on the phone out on our early morning walks her on one side of the city and me on the other,I feel very blessed to have her in my life.


    Judith Flick

    Hi CoVianna,

    I ended up typing the home work straight into this box.After submitting I noticed a few typos but I’m sure you will understand my mistakes

    thanks Judith


    CoVianna Young

    Hi Judith,

    When you are copying text into the Forum box are you toggling from Visual to the Text box, pasting into that Text box and then toggling back to the Visual box before submitting?

    Onwards and Upwards  – CoVianna


    Judith Flick

    Hi Co Vianna,

    The first time I tried to copy and paste ,the second time I just typed straight into the forum box

    Regards Judith


    Tara Bala Homework

    I did the homework in MS word before with charts copied and pasted from Parashara’s Light 9.0 ti the MS document  before I am submitting it here in the forum. I see there is an option in the forum to put pictures in the forum but before I make a source code mess, lol, is there any way to put in a chart to be able to better visualize what I am writing about?

    Here is the homework

    Chart 1: Franz Karl born April 2nd 1980 12:08 pm 

    1st House

    Cancer Ascendant

    2nd House Leo

    Mars R, Rahu, Jupiter R, all in Magha Nakshatra     Saturn R Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

    3rd House Empty

    4th House Libra 

    Moon Swati Nakshatra

    5th House, 6th House, 7th House Empty

    8th House

    Ketu Dhanishta, Mercury Pruva Badhardra

    9th House

    Sun Revati

    10th House Empty

    11th House 


    12th House Empty

    Born on Wednesday, Swati Nakshatra, 2nd Tithi of the waning Moon Krishna Dwitiya. 

    Swati Nakshatra

    Moveable Nature

    Weather its traveling, visiting new places, taking a walk, exercising, running I really love to move. After sitting and studying Astrology or any subject for that matter for a period of time, I need to re charge. I found that moving helps me process information better. I found by doing this really helps me remember and it also helps in making connections with new ideas. Weather its by car, hiking in the forest, riding a motor bike, I Love to travel. Though I am sometimes slow to get started especially when I do not know what I am doing, I really enjoy doing new things. When I really get the hang of doing something, this will happen with astrology too, I will be really quick at doing things and especially at reading charts.

    Independ/Self Dependence 

    I like working independently and on my own. I have always had problems in learning routines at jobs especially when not given the freedom to create my own routine. Especailly when working for a company I have this nervousness when dealing with people especially bosses and higher ups in the company. I have a good memory and have a very easy time remembering things but when I am nervous and put on the spot in front of someone who is watching and judging me I just lose my mind, forget, can not preform like in any way that is resourceful, or remember what I am suppose to do. I found when I am doing work or anything independently I have no problems dealing with people especially my own clients on my working as an independent real estate agent or when I am doing translation for someone independently, I do the almost anything quickly, accurately, and with out a problem.

    Even as a child I was more indpenedent than my parents, I have always followed my own path, especially in spirituality both my parents are German/Austrian Catholic and that is how I was rasied however I now follow a buddist and a path related to eastern thought.


    God of wind. I like being in places with flowing cool air. Also thoughts come like the wind. Even though I like to move, when I am doing meditation I have no problems clearing my mind and sitting still for a period of time.

    Krishna Dwitya and Wainning Moon 

    I was born on the 2nd day of the wainning Moon. The Moon still very bright in the sky however I am usually in a bright mood but on rare occasions I can have a feeling of slight depression and loss even though it is just a feeling and nothing really negative is occurring. I also sometimes I am doing things that have no actual value or feel like what I want to do will not go anywhere or will bare any fruit.


    I was born to a family who is not rich but fairly financially wealthy. Wealth is not only financial but it also happiness. Though I have had help financially in my life from others, I feel unfulfilled because I want to give back as well as be able to say I found what I want to do with my life that can help others as well as have a sense of purpose. Up to now I feel like I have had no stable foundation. When I started to study Astrology I feel it is fulfilling and its a hobby of mine that I want to take to the next level and turn into a career/business of helping others especailly in Japan and all over the world.

    Deity Vidhatri/Hari

    What information I found was on the Deity Hari, Hari removes sins, darkness, and obstacles to spiritual progress. This is interesting because when every I read about accidents or anything terrible in the news  I always feel a sense of having to pray for the person and ask God for that persons blessing so they may get well and not have to go through that ordeal in any other life. I have always wanted to help people to be more spiritual or find better ways to imrpove their lives by removing obstacles from their life through natural means.

    Chart 2 My wife’s Chart

    1st House

    Ascendant Pisces Reviti

    2nd House Empty

    3rd House Taurus 


    4th House Gemini

    Moon Ardra

    5th House Cancer 

    Venus Aslesha

    6th House Leo

    Sun Pruva Phalguni

    7th House Virgo 

    Mercury Uttara Phalguni

    Jupiter Hasta

    Mars Chitra

    8th House empty

    9th House 

    Rahu Anuradha

    10th House, 11th House Empty

    12th House Aquarius 

    Saturn Dhanishtha

    Ardra Nakshatra 

    Lord Rudra the Fierce and young form of Lord Shiva

    When Shiva was young he was kind of a loner and with kind of a rebellious personality. My wife is Japanese, Japanese society for the most part is a very conservative group society. There is a saying in Japan, if things stick out they must be hammered in. She does not allude to this philosophy. She seems to have more of an open mind and goes against the social norms such as group think which is very prevalent in Japanese society and other out of date aspects of the culture that are still relevant today.

    <b>Tear Drop/Sharp and Dreadful </b>

    My wife is very cleaver and has a sharp mind. She can also get very emotional especially when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. At times when she feels very stressed the first things she does is get teary eyed and cries, especially when she feels things are not so secure as she had hoped. She also can be sharp and dreadful, she shows this with her younger sister who she really is not too fond of. Sometimes she can be very to the point in her speech.


    She loves animals but really has a heart for dogs. She really wants to have a dog more so than a cat which she also likes. She has had dogs for most of her life.


    She is very creative and likes to write about the human interaction. She also enjoys writing and had written two Manga books in High school and college. She really wants to be a writer in the future.

    Spiritually Openminded 

    She has a great interest in spirits, spirituality, holistic remedies such as aroma therapy, and ayurveda. She has experience with tarot and uses it often. She has a great interest in Astrology, psychic phenomena, the supernatural, and she is also involved in the Buddhist group called Shinyoen Buddhist sect.

    Adaptive Nature 

    She is very good at adapting to situations especailly after she feels overwhelmed. she does havea positive nature even after problems arise, this could also be because Venus is in the house after the Moon where she integrates life through Venus ways. When something arises no matter what experience it is, she thinks about it even if the thinking process takes a few days, she comes up with a solution that can adapt it into her life.

    9th Tithi Navami

    Indicates destruction and transformation. If things get messy even when cleaning she will take everything apart and clean it up. You can also see this with her adaptive nature as well. I have also noticed something about her but I am not sure if this is related to the 9th Tithi Navami but her father who is now retired was a fire fighter and rescue worker who has seen a lot of destruction and fierce things in his life.

    Researching Navami I have also found it is related to the element water. This could mean emotional depth. Her emotions can run very deep, and you can see this when she gets over wehelmened and stressed.

    She also enjoys fire rituals especially in Japanese Matsuri. Navami is related to poison I can see how this could be related her hobby of aroma therapy because you are mixing different scents to really help lessen the stress in a persons life. I am thinking of introducing making Chai to her because I think she might really enjoy this hobby too.

    Thanks for reading my homework and I would like to hear any feedback.

    Have a great day,




    Tara Bala Part 1 – Homework
    Analysis of a chart of someone I have known since early childhood.

    Vara Lord: Moon
    Nakshatra: Punarvasu (01:24 Cancer). The Moon forms a tight conjunction with Ketu (0:47 Cancer).
    Tithi: Purnima

    Punarvasu is a movable Deva nakshatra ruled by Jupiter. Punarvasu means “the return of the light”, as it brings calm and peace after the storms of Ardra. Its deity is Aditi, the universal mother of celestial gods. Punarvasu’s power is to nourish, grow and revitalise.

    Purnima is a gentle and full tithi, ruled by Jupiter. Purnima has ceremonial indications, and the deities are Vishwa Devas, the universal gods, whose mother Viswa is Aditi’s sister.

    Both the vara lord Moon and the gentle nature of Purnima give this lady a gentle and receptive personality.

    Jupiter rules both her nakshatra and tithi, so even though she is a Virgo ascendant, she has strong Jupiterean traits. Her first university degree was in mathematics and she initially worked in software engineering (Mercurian choices), but she requalified as a psychologist / counsellor in her 40s, gravitating to a more Jupiter-inspired career. The psychology studies led her to metaphysical and esoteric philosophies. She developed an interest in Osho’s teachings and tantric meditation, and later travelled to India. She grew up in the USSR, an atheistic country, which suppressed and scorned religion and spirituality. It was unusual for a Soviet woman of her generation to pursue this path, which emphasises the strong Jupiter influence on her mind.

    Punarvasu’s power is to re-vitalise; it is associated with rebirth and is sometimes called the karmic recycler. I have noticed that Punarvasu creates themes of re-doing things as is the case here with re-qualifying to get a second degree. Interestingly, after retiring, this lady went back to teach maths as a part-time tutor, once again “recycling” her previous experience.

    Purnima, being a ceremonial tithi, attracts her mind to the external trappings of religious or metaphysical practices. She is always drawn to temples, and religious or spiritual ceremonies. She always comes back from holidays with amulets, crystals, and she spends money on alternative therapy aids (colour therapy, sound therapy, etc).

    Even though Jupiter drives her quest for meaning, the movable nature of this nakshatra as well as the presence of Ketu in Punarvasu introduces issues with staying power. There is a pattern where she goes deep into a new philosophy for a couple of years, attends retreats and seeks like-minded communities (Moon is in the 11th house of universalising her desire to connect with her spiritual “tribe”). Yet then she inevitably finds a new philosophy, and the previous gurus are often either forgotten or criticised for errors in their teachings (Ketu can manifest as criticism, rejection and difficulty in finding fulfilment). And so the cycle of Punarvasu recycling continues.

    Ketu also creates contradictions in how the motherly and nurturing nature of both Punarvasu and the Moon (the vara lord, conjunct Ketu) manifest. On the one hand, this lady’s personality has a caring side. She often takes people under her wing. She used to offer free counselling to friends and acquaintances with anxieties and trauma, nurturing them through difficult times. This is where Punurvasu’s power to revitilise, nurture and bring light shines through.

    On the other hand, her relationship with her two daughters has always been extremely detached. It is as though her maternal instinct is driven not by biological parenthood, but rather she looks to nurture and take care of people whom she views as kindred souls. Aditi is, after all, a universal mother, so Aditi’s power comes through this 11th house Moon, expressed in a universalised way as a mother to all. This comes at the expense of withholding motherly support from her daughters (the Moon is opposite the 5th house of her children).

    This is also perhaps the flipside of the Deva temperament of Punarvasu: while the Deva outlook brings piousness, elevated ideas and a desire to pursue eclectic teachings, it also makes it difficult to ground herself in the real-life “Manusha” problems of her immediate family.

    The full Moon tithi gives her an enormous mental capacity for solitude. She never sought to remarry after a relatively amicable divorce 25 years ago, and she seems happy living on her own. This freedom-loving influence is echoed through the nakshatra, too: Aditi is known as “unbound” and free. Her Moon also forms a Kemadruma Yoga and is aspected by an exalted Saturn from Swati (a nakshatra known for its independence), no doubt contributing to love of solitude and independence. While Kemadruma Moon aspected by Saturn brings psychological stress and loneliness, the fullness of her Moon gives her unbound emotional reserves to withstand the pressure, and makes her exceptionally grounded and self-sufficient.

    Interesting contrast: her elder daughter, with whom she has a particularly strained relationship, has an Amavasya / Dark Moon in Purva Phalguni conjunct Venus and Sun. The daughter’s personality is the complete opposite: always seeks to be around other people, has a lot of insecurities, needs affirmation of all her actions from others, etc. At some point, I would like to do a study of how karmic patterns in families are echoed, contrasted and perpetuated.



    Franz and Dina,
    Great job with the tara bala homework!



    Tara Bala Part 2 – Homework

    Analysis of a chart of someone I have known since early childhood. Moon is in Dhanishta, Libra rising.

    Tara 2: Sampat
    Rahu and Venus (1st and 8th lord) in Shatabishak

    The Sampat tara bala of Venus, the ruling planet, gives this person a strong sense of self, focussed on self-expression through creativity. Venus is the planet of beauty, artistic pursuits and it is in the 5th house of creativity with Rahu, which pulls a lot of energy towards the 5th house affairs. Unsurprisingly, this person is a published poet and a journalist. Sampat gives Venus a solid grounded expression related to wealth and stability, and appropriately her main source of income has been through creative work. Creativity also tethered her otherwise “head in the clouds” personality to the real world.

    Venus also rules the 8th house, related to vulnerability and fear we experience in relationships. Interestingly, she often used the heartbreak of her early relationships to fuel her inspiration. Themes of death and mysticism (all related to the 8th house) also feature heavily in her poetry and writing. She is great at counselling others when it comes to difficult experiences, especially relationships (Venus being the karaka of relationships and a guru planet).

    Rahu and Venus are in the Rahu-ruled nakshatra of Shatabishak, known as the Hundred Healers. This person worked as a medical journalist for over a decade and has a life-long interest in medicine, bordering on typical Rahu obsession. She is vigilant, to the point of being hypochondriac when it comes to health issues. Rahu is associated with fear and with the 8th lord in Shatabishak, these (often imagined) fears about health become greatly magnified.

    However, as this happens in a sampat nakshatra, the energy of this conjunction was chanelled into providing stability and income rather than a disruptive and chaotic influence we might expect with the 8th lord and Rahu combination.

    Tara 3: Vipat
    Mars (2nd and 7th lord) in Vishaka
    Vipat tara bala is associated with competition, self-will and ego. Mars is the karaka of siblings and peers and it rules the 2nd house of values, family, as well as the 7th house of partners, marriage and negotiated relationships.

    This person has a lot of hostility toward her younger sister. The hostility is one-sided and irrational. She felt jealous and competitive of her sister when they were children, and the aggressive sibling rivalry persisted well into adulthood.

    She often acts in a self-centred manner both in her marriage (7th house) and in her relationship with family (2nd house). She demands to be the centre of attention and can blow up if this does not happen. With Mars in the 1st, this person has a forceful personality and she struggles to compromise in her relationships. Interestingly, she was much more pleasant and adaptable during the romantic “honeymoon” stage of her relationship: this is where we see how Sampat Venus and Rahu influenced her 5th house of romance. However, the relationship dynamic changed completely after marriage, with this lady’s treatment of her husband taking on the combative and forceful Martian / Vipat overtones. She is often very critical of her husband (2nd house relates to speech) and does not hold back even in front of other people.

    Tara 4: Kshema
    Sun (11th lord) is in Uttara Bhadrapada.

    Kshema tara is related to security and peace. Sun is the karaka of self. This person has a strong sense of identity and they exude confidence. They seek self-affirmation through their network and through public recognition of their creative work (11th house things), which gives them a sense of security related to Kshema tara.

    Tara 5: Pratyak
    Mercury (9th and 12th) and Jupiter (3rd and 6th) in Revati

    A lot of layered influences comes through the Mercury-ruled pratyak nakshatra of Revati. Pratyak is a difficult tara, giving an unfulfilled, averted and missed influence.

    In her Mercury dasha, which activated both Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces, this person developed serious health issues (6th house) related to her nervous system and mental state (Mercury is related to the mind and the nervous system). Mercury is of course debilitated in Pisces; however with its ruler Jupiter, it operates under a neecha banga yoga (cancellation of debility).

    Mercury is a dharma planet for Libra and it is naturally friendly with Venus-ruled signs. Mercury is related to speech so we can see the Mercurian potential expressed in this person’s superb command of language. She has a degree in linguistics and worked as a teacher early in life (Mercury rules the 9th house related to teachings and it is with Jupiter, the natural guru). Her writing and poetry is incredibly witty and features beautiful play on words, and she delights in expressing her skill with words even in her everyday conversations with people.

    And yet, activated through the sign of the functional malefic Jupiter and through Pratyak nakshatra, we can see how this enormous creative/linguistic skill became unfulfilled. The illness brought on by the Mercury dasha was severe. The mind was affected so much that it got in the way of her writing, which she sees as her life’s purpose (9th house). This is a real-life equivalent of the Flowers of Algernon kind of tragedy. So the wealth of inspirational potential became averted and unfulfilled in pratyak nakshatra.

    In a similar vein, Mercury as the 9th and 12th lord joined Jupiter in Pisces and aspecting Saturn in the 12th house could have produced a strong capacity for meditation and spirituality. However this potential when expressed through Pratyak nakshatra again becomes “missed”. Although this person expresses superficial interest in spirituality and mysticism and has immensely powerful intuition, she never developed a spiritual practice. The 12th house can show power through solitude, but she also suffers from a deep fear of being alone and avoids silence and solitude at all costs.

    Tara 6: Sadhaka
    Ketu in 11th in Magha nakshatra
    Sadhaka tara shows where we persevere through hard work and effort. The 11th house is related to public recognition and Ketu shows where we have strong innate skills but where we also no longer want to devote our energy. This person struggled with getting recognition for her writing for many years early in her career. We would expect that with Ketu pointing to an area of aversion in the 11th, she would have given up and been drawn to creative expression for creativity’s sake (Rahu in the 5th). Yet Ketu expresses itself through its own nakshatra, Magha, the Sadhaka nakshatra of persevering. So this person persisted in trying to get published, achieving literary recognition later in her life and winning many honours and awards for her work.

    Tara 9:
    Parama Maitra Nakshatra. Saturn in Hasta, rules 4th and 5th , and is in the 12th

    This is an interesting placement, which shows a dichotomy between the 12th house themes of loss and separation, and how the experience of loss turns to their benefit with the energy of Parama Maitra (Great Friend) nakshatra Hasta. Hasta, of course, is associated with manifesting.

    This person was forced to immigrate due to violent political unrest in her homeland, losing her home in the process (4th ruler of home in the 12th house of loss). Effectively, she lived in forced exile since. However, this loss triggered the public recognition of her creative work (Saturn rules the 5th house) while living abroad (12th house), a recognition, which she struggled to get in her homeland.

    She exerted extremely over-the top control over her childrens’ lives (Saturn is related to control and rules the 5th house of children). As a result, the children moved out as soon as they came of age, and lived far away ever since (5th lord of children in the 12th house of loss and separation). Despite the controlling nature of the relationship, the children’s attitude towards her is benevolent: the relationship continues on good terms, albeit at a distance. Moreover, the children support her financially.

    So we see how these Saturn lessons, overlaid with themes of loss, control and surrender – while challenging on the surface, nevertheless proved beneficial for her in the long run. Saturn is acting as a great friend in Parama Maitra nakshatra and, of course, it is also a natural benefic yoga karaka planet for Libra.



    I’m looking at a chart of a friend of mine from college. He is an Aquarius ascendant with Moon, Ascendant, and Sun all in Shatabhisha. Shatabhisha is a moveable nakshatra ruled by Rahu, which gives it a “scattering” or “concealing” effect. In this nakshatra a person feels like they can no longer rely on their own resources for answers to life’s greatest questions, so he “scatters” himself across new cultures and traditions. Shatabhisha has a Rakshasa temperament, so it often puts one at odds with mainstream norms. It promotes a love of travel, usually for the sake of finding something that will “heal” society. Hence it’s said to be ruled by Varuna, the cosmic ocean that pervades all planes of existence. Varuna is like the righteous order that sustains reality.

    So my friend has a love of travel and exploration, amplified by a 3-planet stellium in the 12th house. I know he’s had many important transformations abroad.

    His parents were both fairly old when he was born (Sun and Moon ruled by Saturn!), and he always felt unseen. In adulthood his identity is very much tied to his friend groups, and even one time expressed to me that he enjoys merging with a crowd.

    Shatabisha is very much the quintessential Aquarius experience. Owing to the fact that Pisces is the 2nd house, Aquarians are alert to how society can too blindly follow dogma, so they justify themselves as being the ones who will free the world by setting in on the right path. Rahu, the ruler of this nakshatra is in my friend’s 11th house, where he evolves his relationship to the world’s desires. This is the sign of Sagittarius, which shows how Aquarians have a need to be thought leaders. (Invariably, as Shatabhisha turns into Purvabhadra, a person thinks he’s found “the remedy” and starts to believe a dogma of his own).

    So the Moon, i.e. the mind in this nakshatra is structured to look for emotional peace in its obsession with fixing worldly values. And it’s in the first pada, the dharma pada, so this is a matter of righteous duty, rather than desire. The Sun too is also burning away impure desires in this nakshatra. My friend is a very serious environmentalist and can often get fired up when he ponders human apathy about the changing global climate.

    This often comes at the price of not wanting to reflect on his own identity, not only because the Moon is the ruler of the 6th in the 1st—it can feel burdensome to him to connect with himself on an intuitive/emotional level. If he’s going to put a lot of effort, he’s going to want to get some kind of connection out of it. But also, because the Moon is a new moon, Amavasya tithi. So the moon is totally dark, and the emotional life has been vaporized by the Sun. This is a very intelligent man, very capable of philosophizing. But he can sometimes be too intellectual, and too worried about how he’s going to appear to others.

    Amavasya brings a need for solitude, something that Aquarians love, and again the three planets in the 12th are supporting that. He has mused about retreating from society and living on a private farm where no one can find him.

    Following the classical order of the planets, the planetary co-ruler of Amavasya is Rahu. The tithi and nakshatra are respectively co-piloting the feeling and acting like a stranger. And because Rahu is in Sagittarius, it devours some of the more evolved expressions of Jupiter, like having meaning and something to grow into.

    Although Amavasya is a Purna tithi, bringing some Jupiter energy, there are multiple afflictions on Jupiter in this chart, so it’s unlikely to bring that quality of “fullness.” Although he no longer calls himself an atheist, he’s highly watchful for superstition and quackery. And this can make it hard for him to enjoy some of the spiritual activities associated with Jupiter. He likes to talk and think about religious ideas, but won’t commit to any path. Amavasya’s deities are the Pitris, or ancient ancestors. He has an affinity for old castles, and his father was even a scholar of Arthurian literature. I think behind his intellectualizing he is genuinely holding onto the possibility of a pure solution to the world’s problems, that extends back beyond history, something only the ancients could teach. It remains to be seen how he will move forward on what he learns through his own actions, or if he will continue to escape and hide. Either way, I know he’ll always be down to Earth and look after the people he trusts.


    Tara Bala homework 1:
    Born 2 June 2006 5:06 am on Friday Venus’s day
    Asc: Taurus Earth sign ruled by Venus
    Asc Nakshatra: Rohini ruled by Venus
    Moon Rashi (28 degrees): Cancer (3rd house) ruled by the Moon
    Moon Nakshatra: Ashlesha ruled by Mercury. Moon conjunct Mars (05:05) and Saturn (13:13) in Cancer
    Tithi: Shukla Shashthi
    This lady was born with her Moon in Ashlesha the “Entwiner”, ruled by Mercury. She has the capacity to manipulate situations and people to her ends. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact she could move mountains if she wanted to but as Mars in rendered inactive here in Cancer and in Ashlesha in particular, the motivation to achieve is dampened.
    This capacity is undertaken by her no-nonsense, earthy rationalisation and problem-solving skills with situations and people which can be used to control and ease fear. Her fear or their fear, either way, she likes things to remain just so as a Taurean ascendant, stability and consistency is a necessity. Her deeply nurturing nature is so strong that the phrase “Mother hen” fits and this Cancerian need to nuture and control as a mother is very strong. It is a capacity that can be used for good or “other” means. She has a deeply psychic nature and lives quite a solitary existence as there is so much going -on with her own personal development and evolution, that the addition of other’s issues can lead to overwhelm in some cases and her ability to objectively see the simplicity of most people and their lives from a bird’s eye view, makes her easily bored. Highly intelligent, wise and loyal but also controlling, emotional, stressed and fearful, which is not helped by the presence of the cold stare of Saturn also in Cancer.
    It is said that this is the Nakshatra of destiny and perhaps at some level, she is aware that her destiny is borne from her past karma and the need to control comes from a deep-seated fear of this karma and where it may take her in this life. Her Moon in her third house of self-will/ control and ego is at odds with what God’s grace will provide in the 9th house
    Her Tithi is Shukla Shashthi and is situated in the first few degrees of the waxing Moon, which is still relatively weakened giving rise to that need to control in order to minimize fearfulness/ stress. It’s lorded by Venus which gives her a creative flair which she uses to express herself. The deity which rules her tithi is Kartikeyya or Mars. Kartikeyya is considered the son of Shiva and Parvathi, who was created to kill the Asuras and be the eternal protector of the Devas and other living beings. The Asuras were demigods who frequently warred against the Devas or gods. It may the case that she must fight her own demons. She is not afraid of conflict when it comes to guarding her loyalties whether that is her friends, family or opinions. However, the position of general of the army does not come without its downfalls in her domineering, controlling and aggressive personality. She is however, someone who one would want at their side particularly during hard times.
    It is easy to see the tithi is how her character fundamentally is and the Nakshatra is how she operates in the World.

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