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    Tara Bala Homework – Post Analysis Here



    Sarah et al,
    Please do not post straight from MS word. It creates all of this code.



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    Sarah Weisman

    Ok, ignore the above post. This is Tara Bala homework, summarizing the panchanga elements.

    I’m tying it in.
    Sarah Weisman
    Vara and Tithi
    I was born on Friday, ruled by Venus, and associated with Nanda, meaning Happiness. I was born on Shukla Saptami – the Waxing 7th Tithi. 7 is a Friendly day and associated with Bhadra, or Mercury, meaning Blessed. It is an auspicious, gentle Tithi.

    Saptami is ruled by the god Indra the king of the Vedic gods, so it is also a day associated with much power. It is true that Indra is an early storm god and Saptami is also related to movement, but I don’t feel it as a violent energy, and I’ll explain more below.

    With Venus, I prefer to feel happy and harmonious with my surroundings (who doesn’t?) and I’m very uncomfortable if things aren’t that way. I also bring a playful curiosity (Mercury) when things around me are feeling good.

    My Moon is in Libra, Vishakha Nakshatra — seeking more Venus harmony. While my Tithi is Friendly, my Nakshatra has both a Soft and Dreadful quality to it. The Nakshatras relate to the motivations in my consciousness. I am soft in the sense that I am modest and spiritual by nature. I am dreadful in the sense that I have intense interest and thoughts, and if provoked, like a tiger, I can have a fierce temper!

    Vishakha is also ruled by the god Indra (as well as Agni). Indra, again, is the ruler of the firmament and Vishakha is activated by Jupiter — these are otherworldly aspirations and philosophies and powerful gurus. Agni, the god of Fire, oversees sacrifice and encourages me to do the right thing, yet also has a connection to other worlds.

    Both my Tithi and my Nakshatra are about power and motion. Yet, while Saptami is Movement and Indra can be fierce, Vishakha is symbolized by a potter’s wheel—circular, controlled movement around a disciplined and still center. In terms of my consciousness and intelligence, I feel direction and purist, not chaos.

    My Sun is Mulatrikona in Leo and Magha Nakshatra. Magha is ruled by the Pitris, or divine ancestors, which, similarly to my Moon in Vishakha, is ruled by ancestral gods emphasizing lineage and power. The Sun and Leo, like Agni, emphasize fire. Magha is fierce and severe, yet the Sun is generous. Both Vishakha and Magha represent the rakshasa race and are independent and rebellious in nature. These Nakshatras sound very rough, but tempered in spirituality, Magha’s ultimate action is the body’s death and Vishakha’s ultimate action is the fruit of the harvest, or spiritual transformation— and, so, these Nakshatras work together for my spiritual growth.


    Sarah Weisman

    Thanks Sam. I’ll save it that way next time 🙂


    CoVianna Young

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for being the pioneer forum poster for this written homework. I enjoyed your clear analysis and could hear your wise voice in my head as I read along 🙂 .

    Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna


    Well for flip sake.  I saved as a text document as described above and it still showed up that way.  Too late tonight to fix this.  I will try again tomorrow.  I worked on this much of the day 🙁


    I also tried to edit it but that does not seem to work either…


    I also wanted to say, Sarah you write beautifully 😉


    Well this is just hideous.


    CoVianna Young

    Oh Laura, I really feel for you,

    After all that effort and for the post to keep looking like this especially after following instructions! I’ve had my frustrations too, with the Edit button and Remove buttons not working for me since late last year. And of course it’s just what we want to be able do when the system translates your work into being lost in the midst of computer language! I can’t simply ‘copy and paste’ a student’s questions from a Forum post into my reply ( to keep clarity) without it doing this ‘lost in computer language’ thing. It adds extra time to type in their questions and is a source of frustration for me, when previously ‘cut and paste’ worked simply and easily.

    The times, they are indeed challenging!

    Onwards and Upwards I always say – CoVianna


    Kyle Geminden

    I was born on June 19, 1977.

    Tithi and Vara

    I was born on Shukla Chaturthi on Sunday. Shukla Chaturthi is the 4th phase of the waxing moon and is ruled by Yama and Ganesh. It has a cruel nature and has a feeling of emptiness and its lord is Saturn. I also have both Mars and Venus in Bharani Nakshatra whose deity is also Yama, its lord is Venus and has a fierce and severe nature.

    Yama is the god of death, dharma and justice. Ganesh is the god of new beginnings, success and wisdom and Is known as the remover of obstacles. With both Shukla Chaturthi and Bharani there’s a sense of duty, responsibility and discipline and desires for transformation, to bring good into the world and for wisdom. Bharani is also known for creativity and Ganesh is also associated with art, music and the sciences.

    Since a very early age I have had times of feeling intense fear, anxiety and insecurity (Tithi & Saturn) but I also have had times of hopefulness, happiness, playfulness and being a little mischievous too (Ganesh). The intense emotions coupled with not being sure who I was and what I was supposed to do caused me to seek higher meaning and truth with a desire to improve myself (Sun). I am naturally disciplined and so Sadhana and adherence to diet for my constitution is easy for me. Drawing, playing guitar, and researching, learning and practicing the metaphysical or spiritual sciences naturally brings me peace of mind and makes me happy. I have had mostly internal obstacles but also some physical and many have been and are being overcome paving the way of my new beginning with feelings of hopefulness instead of fear and insecurity and a desire to bring good into the world.


    My Moon is in Pushya Nakshatra. Pushya’s deity is Bhrihispati, who is the god of wisdom and is the teacher, priest and advisor to the gods and its lord is also Saturn. It has a light and swift nature and is a Deva Nakshatra.

    Over the years I have sought out counsel from people, friends, books and from within. The wisdom, advising and light and swift nature of Pushya coupled with my dark moon has shed light on why I have had internal struggles of not being satisfied in careers, etc. over the years but thankfully I was blessed with people who gave me sound advice, including my first boss, such as (not exact quotes but in essence) “stick it out” and to “become settled internally otherwise you will just take those issues with you wherever you go”. As a result of that advice, along with other advice given to me, I have been successfully progressing and growing over the years and have only had 3 jobs since high school instead of the 30.

    Starting in 2017 my spiritual and physical transformational quest seriously began and even though there were many things leading up to that, that’s when it became more focused and really picked up speed and its also when I started learning the Vedic Sciences specifically Ayurveda which led me to Jyotish in 2018 (thankfully here!) and this year adding elements of numerology and tantra to my knowledge and skillset. The successes and speed in this quest is also shown by Pushya by its light and swift nature. As the journey unfolds more it’s been becoming clear that advising, guiding and sharing knowledge with others is also going to be and has to be part of what I am to do.

    Despite the internal and emotional struggles I have had, I have been known as a caring and kind person and many people I worked with teased me about being too nice, showing the caring and devotional side of Pushya. I have definitely had the lower sides of being condescending and arrogant come out but overall it thankfully has been rare showing the self-control and restraint of Yama.


    Ola! I have been backtracking and re-visiting homeworks this week. I have also been researching Tithis.

    I was born on a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury.  Mercury is in my 4th house and has always been dear to my heart. As a mythic figure I have resonated with the god Mercury, and my Sun is in Virgo (Chitra). I have worked in the healing professions my whole adult life. I also have a fair amount of technical skill in the fine arts.

    My tithi is the 9th Navami, Tamas, Sarpa, Fierce and Destructive. As a healer I have worked with people who have severe and persistent mental illness.  My strength is to hold strong psychological containers for people when they have none.  When people are psychotic, suicidal, in break downs, I am able to hold the space for them and get them back to some semblance of psychic safety.  This to me is the positive side to the fierce and destructive energy.

    The Goddess Kulasundari presides over this tithi. She is a form of Saraswati. These natives love to learn and teach. I taught for many years in mental health about such dark topics as crisis intervention, addiction, sexual abuse, borderline personality disorder, etc. I then shifted to teaching yoga.  Very similar, using these tools to master the aforementioned issues. Again the positive aspect to sharp and dreadful energy.

    I have always liked the sword as a symbol and find it appropriate here for being able to slice through B.S. with my students and clients.  As a trainer of adults I was known for always having someone cry in my trainings.  Not necessarily from my hurting them but I would push them on their biases and projections. They were dealing with mentally ill people and I wanted to make sure they were as psychologically “clean” a s possible to do that. All a good example of this Tithi.

    The ruler of this tithi is in some references the Sun in others Saturn.  It would be hard for me to intuit from my own experience as Saturn is very prominent in my chart and aspects my Sun.

    My nakshatra is Shravana. Ruler the moon, Deva (angelic), moveable, deity Vishnu

    Sravana means ‘acquiring knowledge by listening’. We listen. As an astro-counselor I listen a lot.  As the head of HR in my company, I listen a lot.  Then I apply remedies from what I have studied. Being in Capricorn my work is to be of service through studying and teaching the various yoga disciplines.  I am driven to help people out of suffering (Deva). I have the capacity through sravana and Saturn in my 9th house to study very deeply and then pass it on through my work as a yoga teacher, astrologer and HR director.

    I have enjoyed following the daily tithi and watching the energy of it.  I have also enjoyed comparing charts with my client file, friends and family and seeing how the tithi is really important.  Namaste!


    Sebastian Urrea

    This is the homework for the Tara Bala 1 class. I decided to do it on a friend of mine, who was born at 11:23 PM on July 4, 1982 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

    Her Moon is in Mula nakshatra. The deity of Mula is Nirriti, one of the forms of the goddess of destruction Kali. It has a sharp and dreadful nature, and the symbol is the tail of a lion or a crouching lion. Mula is the proving, courageous, fierce, and independent nature of Sagittarius, where we uproot the things that are untrue or making us week so that we can sow the seeds of things that are true and righteous that will lead us to a higher meaning or purpose. There is a destructive nature here, which can be difficult if it continues for too long or if it is not paired with proper discrimination. It is related to uprooting thoughts and different facets of the mind.

    I can see this in some of the way she acts. The “sharp and dreadful” nature comes across as a very frank personality; she is very straightforward with people and has no issues voicing her opinion. She is sensitive to others but she has a no-nonsense kind of approach to life; she calls things as she sees them and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. This could definitely be seen also in the symbol of a crouching lion; she’s fun and sweet on the surface but if you push her she has a fierceness to her as well.

    The qualities of Mula relating to uprooting mental patterns and beliefs I also definitely see as well. She has struggled in the past with various mental health problems that I won’t lay out in detail, but one of the things I admire about her is how she has been able to overcome them and be stronger as a result; Nirriti uprooting the weaknesses in the mind to leave room for new things to take root and grow.

    She was born on a Sunday, and she has a strong Sun in her chart as well. She definitely has a lot of solar energy, she has a very creative persona and she takes on a lot of duty and responsibility and is very giving to others.

    She was born on Shukla Chaturdashi, and just before a lunar eclipse. To be born on the waxing Moon gives a feeling of increase. And interestingly enough, the deity for chaturdasi is also Kali, and it also has a fierce nature that is about removing darkness. So it really echoes everything that I have already said about her and shows a lot of her strength and fortitude when facing and working with health issues.


    Judith Flick
    My only child Phoebe was born on Friday 13th October underthe Vedic weekday (Vara) of Venus.
    Her Tithi is Krishna Panchami the 20th day of the lunar month 5th day of the waning moon and co-incidently her father and I were both under the Sukla Panchami , 5th day of the waxing moon.I told her I’m going to call her my little Krishna now. Looking back I now see we were married on a Saturn Day under a Krishna Ashtami Tithi so yes the rest is history hah.And I once heard Sanjay Rath say do not get married during your birth month we married on the day in between our two birthdays.
    Getting back to Krishna Panchami is ruled by the planet Jupiter division Purna meaning full abundant Krishna Panchami.natives.. can easily churn up their emotions so they need steadiness in relationships otherwise stress and worry can cause them problems. The ruling deity is Chandra and this tithi is healing and prosperous.It’s nature is also referred to as Lakshami Prada meaning wealth giver. 
    Also according to  a book called Muhurta Chintamani,(Which I have not read)Krishana Panchami is also related to the Naga Deity who  rules serpents thus it is favourable for all actions of which the Nagas are responsible for secret knowledge and gaining wisdom,administering medicines,purging of poisons and surgery and the waters ,rivers, lakes, seas and wells and generally the guardians of treasure.This is some information I found when I was researching this tithi but I have no knowledge about the book except it comes from a  long family line of astrologers
    Her moon exalted in  Rohini  Nakshatra in Taurus whose ruling deity is Prajapati ( Lord of Creator and Protector) ,This Nakshatra is symbolic of the chariot and the meaning  is described as ruddy cow, growing and red(which is related to the star Aldebaran representing the firery eye of the bull of Taurus constellation) ,fixed in Nature of Manusha (human)Race and ruling animal the Serpent.Her moon is at 15 degrees so it falls in the 2nd Pada ruled by Venus.
    Phoebe is a big fan of highland cows and has visited places just to see them in the flesh. She also loves to wear red lipstick if she is doing herself up for something special and lucky for her she inherited the best lips for wearing lipstick off her father. And she got eyes like her mum.
    Phoebe spent her early and school years in a small town by a river in an old house not far from the beach we had a lot of large Pythons snakes and water dragons that lived around our house and would often find themselves inside. We had a few Kelpie Dogs over those years and they could often sniff out their trails. I remember one night I found a 2 metre Python wrapped around the inside window frame right next to our toilet in the small laundry. So I shut the door and told Phoebe who was still quite young then and had gone to bed don’t go to the toilet at the moment I have to get the Python out the window.And she said mum I’ve just been to the toilet! Pythons can be so still often times we would not notice then straight away. Lucky I guess they shed their skins it was often a heads up one was around. Another time when I was about to take her to the airport as she often flew to Sydney to see her father I ran back into her room to get her jumper she had forgotten only to find a large Python slithering across her dressing table.It was so surreal That was just a few snake experiences we had,so the serpent energy was very strong while she was growing up.
    She enjoyed her early school years but high school she struggled a little to fit in as she did not want to buck the rules and wag school or try alcohol or drugs like some old school friends did. She was not an A grade student but she had a couple of friends during her senior years of school and loved movie making, singing , learning the piano and art. In her senior school years she got selected to go to a nearby town to attend a singing workshop so we packed up the dogs and the car and rented a house for a week so she could attend. That was the best thing that finally brought her out of her shell to be around like minded students with a passion to sing and perform. Her Father had remarried then and she was not a huge fan of her stepmother who she had to regularly fly to Sydney to visit along with step siblings whom she cares for dearly. She use to come home and tell me how badly they where being disciplined it worried her back then because she knew they will be always be part of her life.
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