Gemini Eclipse – Punarvasu nakshatra – July 12

Gemini Eclipse – Punarvasu nakshatra – July 12Gemini Eclipse

We have two partial eclipses coming up in July and August.

On July 12 we have a partial solar eclipse and Gemini. This brings the focus on information, skills and how to develop and share those skills and information with others.

In Gemini we are curious about the world around us. We have a million questions and inquire “why and how” things work. But this can just be a shallow pursuit, and may not go deep.

The depth comes when we integrate that information into our heart. These are things related to the next sign, cancer.

This integration process is shown by the Nakshatra of Punarvasu, the Nakshatra that bridges Gemini and cancer.

Integrating information into the heart will be an important theme for the next 30 days, as we deal with the effects of this eclipse.

This integration process connects us to a sense of “divine motherhood”, where our ideas become born as actions and motivations in our heart.

Gemini Eclipse – Punarvasu nakshatra – July 12 – Video

July 11, 2018

8 responses on "Gemini Eclipse - Punarvasu nakshatra - July 12"

  1. I am Gemini born ascendend with moon and rahu in ascendency.. My birth nakshatra is Punarvasu… Can u analyse hows its gonna impact me

  2. I love you Sam…

  3. I think you have to book a reading to get this info

  4. good info about how Gemini, information seeking, curiosity compliments Cancer, emotion. and visa versa.

  5. I received this email and would love to join your astrology group online.. I sent a request but not sure that’s the correct thing.. Can someone help me to get added to this group.. thanks so much

  6. Elva May, Go to the website and sign up for the astrology lab. I forget exactly what it’s called, but I’m sure you’ll find it, once you are there. 🙂

  7. Thank you Sam.
    Your work is amazing.

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