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    I see a couple people have done readings, Sarah and Diane.
    Good for you.
    What about others?
    What’s happening?

    Hardly no one is doing the readings?

    One of the students communicated privately to me that they felt unprepared to do these readings, even though I gave a template, etc. the student communicated that they wish there had been more assignments giving them practice doing “simpler readings”, like talking about “planets in signs”, or something easier.

    Here’s the thing. I’ve been encouraging students to have those kinds of conversations since the middle of level I. There is or was no need to have an assignment where you make recordings talking about planets in signs or simpler things. But if anyone wants to do that, feel free to do it also! Impress us all with your skills, really!

    The homework assignment/reading templates simply take that and extended a little further. For those who have been having those kinds of conversations, doing mini readings anyway, this is just taking it a little further. But I think the real issue is not that at all. The real issue is getting outside of your comfort zone and letting other people here you say these things.

    Maybe you have been having conversations about planets in signs, doing little readings for friends and family, etc. but it had all been with in your “comfort zone”, and this exercise is outside of your comfort zone. So now you’re hearing the way you sound for the first time, and you feel nervous letting others hear the way you sound. That’s all it is. There’s no reason to make it more complicated than that.

    There also was no reason to have a smaller, more conservative exercise where you make recordings of “planets in signs”, or whatever.

    But again, if people want to do that, then go ahead and do it. Everyone is free to make recordings of themselves doing simpler readings than what I have made templates for, if you want to do it. It’s fine with me.



    By the way, the point of the readings is for everyone to listen to the readings and also give each other feedback.

    , your readings were very good,. You sounded comfortable and had an easy style.
    I would love to hear you do the homework assignment though .. where we do a reading based on a chart other than ourselves. Did you see the assignment?
    Also, it would be good to try to stick to the template and what I laid out in the assignment and on the template. I am sure it will be good.
    Diane, Week 1 – great job. You stuck to the template really well and spoke very fluently and brought the chart to life easily. You gave a great overview. Any person who got this reading would feel seen and understood. I also love how you used your own words, not just mine and integrated it all very well.


    Diane Robertson

    I find it invigorating to be able to speak fluently about someone’s chart. Although I hardly feel entirely fluent,  because at this point a ten-minute reading takes quite a bit of time for me to put together, I am gratified that I have been given the tools necessary to complete the task. Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter are in the house!! And particularly my house of hard work. Thank you for the positive feedback. It is encouraging.



    Diane said:
    “Although I hardly feel entirely fluent, because at this point a ten-minute reading takes quite a bit of time for me to put together,”

    >> yes, but it was great. It gets easier as you do it more. Usually by half. If it took 1 hour yesterday it will take 30 minutes tomorrow, then prepping decreases by half.  Glad you pushed through the discomfort.


    Sarah Weisman

    No, I’m sorry I didn’t see a specific assignment.  I just responded to the Transits and Karakas instructions in the videos.  Happy to do another reading.



    Speaking for myself, I did my level 1 course in 2016/17 and have to go back quite a lot for precision of keywords … And to refresh certain concepts I don’t really use when thinking about the charts of family and freinds.

    In my recording I am literally reading the chart interpretation written down …

    I am lacking the knowledge in planetary dignities. I went through the documents of the level 1 course I store on my computer and can’t find any PFD document mentioning it.

    When interpreting the Moon Maha dasa cycle, which activated Jupiter in Cancer and the Sun in Hasta, I would like to talk more about how that plays out for the client, but can’t seem to be able to go beyond the general statement that they both get activated.



    I feel pretty good about doing readings from an intuitive perspective.  I am taking these courses to be more specific.  I find the template excellent and have been practicing.  I posted in the forum I am stuck on feet and size and did not want to proceed until I had a better understanding of these elements.  As soon as I do I am ready to record.  Thanks.


    Also, I work 4 jobs, so my time is a bit limited especially since I work in health care and we are on a skeletal crew.  I was working OT before this crises hit.  This week I should be back down to a more workable schedule and get more time in on the course.


    Janel Joseph

    I just did my readings yesterday and noticed as I looked at everything again I missed following the written words of the template, which would have made it much more succinct.  Let me know if I should redo the recording with the chart provided or if it is ok I did it with another chart.  I am planning on doing the reading with my friend so I will definitely be doing it with the template!

    After doing the reading I went back and looked at the Exalted, Debilitated so could use some work in this area too.  I found this info in The Ascendant (the contents page highlights this).  Please let me know if I missed anything significant in the reading.

    When I did the reading where there were 3 plants Sun, Moon, and Ketu all in the 7th house Virgo, can you let me know the best way to talk through that interaction or how I did?

    Thank you!!!!



    Hey folks,
    I am glad to see people doing readings.. But there is also a homework assignment for the first week where everyone analyzes the SAME CHART. I am not sure why hardly no one is doing the assignment.

    Homework Assignment 

    Evaluate the Chart Below – using the Chart Reading Template
    Do a 10-15 minute reading only. Make sure to move through the whole template, rather than OVERexplain some things and underexplain other.

    Upload the Audio to the Shared Dropbox folder.
    *Note – please title the audio – “Lvl2HW1(yourname)” so we can find it and know which assignment it is. So, I would call my audio  “Lvl2HW1SamGeppi” .. Joe Smith would call it  “Lvl2HW1JoeSmith”


    Kyle Geminden

    I uploaded the first homework assignment and this is definitely a new experience for me and it shows, but I am excited to get going. It’s under 10 minutes but I did get through the template and if I need to adjust it to be longer definitely let me know. I look forward to your thoughts!



    Janel Joseph

    thanks Sam…please ignore my previous comment from yesterday.  I did the reading with the SAME chart 🙂




    I figured out how to upload the Week 1 homework and listened to the other recordings.  This was wonderful.  I really enjoyed hearing how other people put the chart together.  There was a lot of beautiful expressions of the planetary being Saturn and the qualities.  Very unique experience to get to listen in on other people’s readings.

    I had a pretty big inner obstacle to completing week 1. I had trepidation around recording myself and putting it out there.  I had to work through the resistance and stage fright. I have done a lot of readings and record them and send them to the clients.  But it is a whole other animal opening up for critique.  Also taking the sacred practice of being with a client and sharing their soul map out of the equation was hard.  I had a tough time just looking at a chart and not being in relationship with the person, not being able to plug in to them and just flow information.

    It did make me go back and reboot some basics.

    I am almost finished Week 2 homework.  Thank you. Laura


    CoVianna Young
    Senior Moderator

    Hi Sarah,

    I listened to your recording and I agree with Sadasiva that your readings were very good. With that in mind, yes to your suggestion “happy to do another reading” and to be sure to use the template provided 🙂 I look forward to hearing what you have to say as I’m sure it will be very good.

    Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna


    Sarah Weisman

    Thanks CoVianna.  I submitted the new recordings.

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