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    CoVianna Young

    Hi Students,

    For those of you attending in person the Sedona Conference – lucky you! For those of us who can’t attend (I live in Australia), I was excited to be offered the opportunity to purchase the Audios and Videos of the courses that Sadasiva is involved in. Of especial interest for me is the Panel discussion on “Ethics in Astrology” (with a focus on relationship readings).

    As students of Level 2 Certification you will be certified by AAVAS to do professional Vedic Astrology Consultations to the standard by the Academy. I see having access to the discussion on “Ethics in Astrology” as an important area to highlight as an adjunct to your studies here, and as such I am highly recommending that you purchase the recordings.
    I’m in! I hope you all will be too!

    Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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