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    General Astrology Discussion and Questions


    Hi, this is Franz
    Questions on Planetary War. In Level 1 there was a few discussions on Planetary wars one particularly between Mars and Venus in Hitler’s chart. The planet with the lowest degree wins the war. Mars won the war in Hitler’s chart. I am looking in the chart of Shinzo Abe and he has Mars and Rahu in Sagittarius. Rahu is 18 degrees 31 minutes and Mars is at 18:32 minutes. Rahu wins this planetary war because it is at the lowest degree. Planetary wars are conducted when planets are with in 1 degree of one another but when a planet is conjunct within 1 degree of the nodes as the conjunction in Shizo Abe’s chart is that conjunction still read as a planetary war?

    Also I have another questions on something Sam brought up on the last conference call which was electoral astrology, or the astrology of event timing. I was always very interested in learning this technique because I am always looking for auspicious timings to do activities. Lately my wife and are buying a home that we want to use as both a place to live and as a place to do my astrology and healing practice and want to use this technique to find a good timing on my own. I also want to use electoral astrology for future clients who are interested in starting relationships, starting businesses, taking a holiday, etc. Its a part of astrology like the Nakshatras that has always fascinated me.

    My guess on how to conduct electoral astrology:
    Sam briefly mentioned how to do timing in the Pachanga and nakshatras to find auspicious timings. I am sure there is something deeper to understand. I am going to guess from here. You need to cast a chart on the particular day and time to also see if the ascendant and what houses and signs the planets fall under. What house is affected and what the planetary Karaka is also affected. I know Saturn is career as well as the Sun. Venus is relationships. What are the considerations needed to be taken for Real Estate or buying a home? The 4th House because the 4th house is also property however the 2nd house is your values, family, and money. Would both the 2nd house and 4th house both have to do with Real Estate? Also in the timing would I also have to use the clients dashas to find the correct cycle to buying real estate?

    How would you approach electoral Astrology and timings in astrology?

    have a great day,


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