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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hi Franz,
Here is feedback for Hwk 2 re-do.

Franz Gurtlinger: Hwk 2 Re-Do Mini Relationships Reading. You followed the Template yet somehow the reading felt a bit all over the place (like talking about Mercury in the middle of discussing the first house). What happened to mentioning Rahu in the first house? This is an important factor.

You did well putting the chart’s content into layman’s terms rather than using Vedic terminology. With practice your presentation will demonstrate more confidence in delivery of information. It may help to write out exactly what you want to say and say that rather than attempting to explain without the script, because that caused some confusion for a receiver of what you are offering. I think that’s why I heard it as a bit all over the place. Also taking a breath/pause between each major section helps the client to integrate what you have said and to realise that a different segment of information is coming next. I’m wondering too, if those awkward pauses are because you can’t read your own writing, so best to type up you full script, so that doesn’t happen.

A good effort Franz, and I’m so pleased you took the opportunity to re-submit. I hope my feedback helps you hone your craft.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna.

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