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Vedic Astrology Truth Forums Level 2 Students Tara Bala Homework – Post Analysis Here Reply To: Tara Bala Homework – Post Analysis Here


Kyle Geminden

I was born on June 19, 1977.

Tithi and Vara

I was born on Shukla Chaturthi on Sunday. Shukla Chaturthi is the 4th phase of the waxing moon and is ruled by Yama and Ganesh. It has a cruel nature and has a feeling of emptiness and its lord is Saturn. I also have both Mars and Venus in Bharani Nakshatra whose deity is also Yama, its lord is Venus and has a fierce and severe nature.

Yama is the god of death, dharma and justice. Ganesh is the god of new beginnings, success and wisdom and Is known as the remover of obstacles. With both Shukla Chaturthi and Bharani there’s a sense of duty, responsibility and discipline and desires for transformation, to bring good into the world and for wisdom. Bharani is also known for creativity and Ganesh is also associated with art, music and the sciences.

Since a very early age I have had times of feeling intense fear, anxiety and insecurity (Tithi & Saturn) but I also have had times of hopefulness, happiness, playfulness and being a little mischievous too (Ganesh). The intense emotions coupled with not being sure who I was and what I was supposed to do caused me to seek higher meaning and truth with a desire to improve myself (Sun). I am naturally disciplined and so Sadhana and adherence to diet for my constitution is easy for me. Drawing, playing guitar, and researching, learning and practicing the metaphysical or spiritual sciences naturally brings me peace of mind and makes me happy. I have had mostly internal obstacles but also some physical and many have been and are being overcome paving the way of my new beginning with feelings of hopefulness instead of fear and insecurity and a desire to bring good into the world.


My Moon is in Pushya Nakshatra. Pushya’s deity is Bhrihispati, who is the god of wisdom and is the teacher, priest and advisor to the gods and its lord is also Saturn. It has a light and swift nature and is a Deva Nakshatra.

Over the years I have sought out counsel from people, friends, books and from within. The wisdom, advising and light and swift nature of Pushya coupled with my dark moon has shed light on why I have had internal struggles of not being satisfied in careers, etc. over the years but thankfully I was blessed with people who gave me sound advice, including my first boss, such as (not exact quotes but in essence) “stick it out” and to “become settled internally otherwise you will just take those issues with you wherever you go”. As a result of that advice, along with other advice given to me, I have been successfully progressing and growing over the years and have only had 3 jobs since high school instead of the 30.

Starting in 2017 my spiritual and physical transformational quest seriously began and even though there were many things leading up to that, that’s when it became more focused and really picked up speed and its also when I started learning the Vedic Sciences specifically Ayurveda which led me to Jyotish in 2018 (thankfully here!) and this year adding elements of numerology and tantra to my knowledge and skillset. The successes and speed in this quest is also shown by Pushya by its light and swift nature. As the journey unfolds more it’s been becoming clear that advising, guiding and sharing knowledge with others is also going to be and has to be part of what I am to do.

Despite the internal and emotional struggles I have had, I have been known as a caring and kind person and many people I worked with teased me about being too nice, showing the caring and devotional side of Pushya. I have definitely had the lower sides of being condescending and arrogant come out but overall it thankfully has been rare showing the self-control and restraint of Yama.

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