Vedic Astrology: Seventh House – Relational Happiness

As opposite the ascendant, it shows intense interactions where there is mutual benefit and mutual need.

Seed Principle: Where we learn to compromise. Marriage partners and business associates are relationships where we enter into agreements with others. In them we must negotiate and play fairly and give up some of what we want in order to get something better. Our sense of Self is at its lowest and our desires are high in this second Kama house, thus we learn the value of compromise through the seventh house.

The body part associated with the seventh house is the sacrum/lower pelvic area. It is this part of the body where the sacred and the profane mix effortlessly. It contains the colon, where waste product is excreted. It also contains the sacrum, which is the seat of the kundalini and the higher conscious potential of human beings.

Seventh house people: Romantic partners and other people we are in partnership with are seventh house connections. The strong needs and desires we want to fulfill with another, and the needs they want to fulfill with us, are related to the seventh house.

Activities: Sexual relations. Business negotiations. Diplomacy. Enjoyable conversations with others. Debates. Respecting others’ points of view. Tolerance.

Environment: The bedroom. the boardroom. The meeting room.
Objects: the bed, all beauty enhancers like make-up, perfume, fake breasts, a nice car, sex toys, romantic props like candles, soft lighting, power lunches
Planetary Indicators: Venus is the strongest indicator of seventh house things. Venus is the energy that governs adult relationships, showing how we must navigate situations where mutual needs and desires are negotiated and at stake.

Guna / Lesson: Personal Happiness
General Explanation:
The high desire nature of the seventh house is the glue that keeps us returning time and time again to face the opposite parts of ourselves represented by a romantic partner, and others in general.

The seventh house is the furthest thing from us astrologically and in many ways represents our least integrated qualities – the things that feel the most unnatural to us. Coming face-to-face with our opposite, yet wanting to fulfill our desires creates a bond that is not as easy to break as others. The desires of the seventh house are not necessarily sexual or romantic, they are also related to business and any situation where two people have an equal investment in each other.

The fallacy of romantic relationships, for example, is the idea that they are based on “selfless love“. This is not the case at all. Selfless love comes from the parent/child relationship. That teaches us selfless love, as we want nothing from the child. Yet, the seventh house relationships are agreements we cannot overlook. Is shows our needs and desires (Kama with individuals), or the needs and desires of those we are involved with. To satisfy our needs at their expense (or vice-versa) would destabilize the mutual goal we are working toward. The seventh house is the house where we begin to work on themes bigger than ourselves and our own personal happiness. Even the fifth house of children, is a place of “personal” creativity and love.

The seventh house is also a death house, (maraka) an area where we can expend / waste our energy and have a lot of attachment. Yet few things feel more rewarding to bring about personal growth as quickly as seventh house matters. For most, our desires and entanglements with other people are the strongest and most concentrated. It is where most of our energy is spent.

Evolutionary Process: “From self-gratification through sexual desire and stimulation to the push and pull of self-willed romantic struggles to a detached compromise with others is the Evolutionary process of the seventh house.”

The effects of planets in the seventh house:
The Sun in the seventh house tends to show a preoccupation with our personal confidence, often at the expense of the compromise necessary for success in seventh house matters. However, wherever the sun goes will be illuminated. The Sun in the seventh person will put a lot of importance on relationships, but will often need to be the center of attention in them, making the lesson difficult. This may be good for career however.

The Moon in the seventh house shows enormous potential for compromise with partners and others in general. However, this is also a placement where maintaining healthy boundaries is greatly undermined. This person will usually give too much and then feel victimized. This person will certainly be popular, but may always feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick.

Mars in the seventh house will express excessive individuality, and likely always be trying to “improve” the partner or partnership. The nature of Mars is to destroy what is making us weak. “Destroying the weaknesses” in our partner is not what generally brings relationship happiness. Similar to the Sun, this may be good for business and career, however.

Mercury in the seventh house shows good communication with others in general. However, for romantic relationships this can be problematic, as the person will not want to be serious and committed. Mercury likes enjoyment more than hard work, commitment, consistency. Over time, as the person gains life experience, this could be quite beneficial for partnerships though.

Jupiter in the seventh house tends to make a person too optimistic and hopeful about others, and therefore disappointed, in romantic partners. In business, this makes one aim high, but may also bring excessive idealism into business matters. This person will often be seen as a teacher in their relationships with others (or feel the need to teach their partners, trying to elevate them to an unreal projection standard). More equanimity is needed.

Venus in the seventh house and the person will have a lot of romantic desires and longings. They will want a beautiful partner, and want to please them immensely. However, there may be a shallow, vain quality in the undeveloped. This sort of “addicted to love” syndrome is definitely possible with this placement.

Saturn in the seventh gives healthy boundaries and the willingness to commit in relationships. Although it might not always feel good to the person, they will learn a lot in their romantic relationships and be some of the most loyal and good partners in the zodiac. There may be attraction to older partners or ones more mature in some way or another. Or, they may be the elder later in life to a younger partner.

Rahu in the seventh house shows a strong compulsion to be connected with others. There may be a sort of “chameleon-like” quality to the person’s nature. Rahu in the seventh may attach himself to others, based on the undeveloped parts of themselves. Once the obsession is over, they move on. When more mature, there’s great adaptability to the partner’s needs, but still the potential for painful loss of identity.

Ketu in the seventh house and the person tends to be very critical of partners and partnerships, preferring solitude and the freedom to explore themselves without being defined by others or needing to please them. There may be a lot of criticism of others with the Ketu in the seventh placement. Eventually, maturity shows these criticisms to be a projection of their own imperfections, and parts of themselves they’re trying to complete.

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