Vedic Astrology: Ninth House – Universal Knowledge

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Shows our highest principles operating in the world, shaping our life events, or their inability to do so.

Seed Principle: Our capacity to be open to the flow of God’s grace. Luck, wealth, spiritual values and teachers are all a part of God’s grace flowing into our lives. Our ability to recognize a good teaching (or not) is shown from this house.

The body part associated with the ninth house is the buttocks and back of the thigh muscles. It is our buttocks that allow human beings to run long distances, in order to reach the goal, same as the ninth house. It is our personal philosophies and teachings that connect us with the higher truths of life, the goals of life.

Ninth house people: The ninth house has to do with a sense of meaning, purpose and philosophy. Teachers, priests, lawyers, advisors, gurus and experts of any sort are related to the ninth house. Father.

Activities: Teaching, leading seminars, learning from teachers, discussing philosophy, preaching, leading others toward truth and righteousness. Chanting mantras, making sacred offerings are all ninth house activities.

Environment: Classroom, church, ashram, courtroom, yajna (sacred / ceremonial fire), any learning /sacred environment or situation and the authority/reverence it implies.

Objects: Pulpit, podium, chalkboard/whiteboard, sacred objects such as conch shells, incense, flowers used for worship..

Planetary Indicators: Jupiter is the indicator of ninth house activities as he shows a sense of righteousness, meaning and purpose.

Guna / Lesson: Universal Knowledge
General Explanation:
As the third Dharma house it shows how our highest Dharma not only informs our life but those around us. Our highest principles shaping our world and those we influence is the ninth house.

The level of truth that comes through the ninth house is not personal, or related to other people or our own emotions. The relationship we have with the continuum of lifetimes, higher ethical values is the nature of the ninth house. It comes after the eighth house, the place where we must face our mortality and realize we have no control. The painful awareness, and even terror, of the eighth house compels us to seek the highest answers to the most deep and disturbing questions.

Difficulties in the ninth house or with the ninth house ruler in an astrology chart shows a perverted sense of meaning. For instance, terrorism and spiritual renunciation are both related to the ninth house. Both of them show a certain action based on a sense of righteousness. It’s best to think of the ninth house as our sense of meaning and that which gives us hope to continue another day. The deepest crises of the ninth house lead to things such as suicide or total despondency, when we have no answer or no hope.

Evolutionary Principle: “From a place of philosophical orthodoxy, to having tolerance for all religious paths and man-made laws to the pursuit of answering life’s ultimate questions is the evolutionary process of the ninth house”

The effects of planets in the ninth house:
The Sun in the ninth house often brings a religious nature, or at the very least a very philosophical one. The Sun brings a lot of consistent clarity and power into our philosophies. One could be a great teacher or religious figure with such placement. Also, an emphasis on fatherhood will be seen.

The Moon in the ninth house brings a mindset and psychology of teaching and goodness. One will naturally gravitate towards things that are philosophical and will usually learn quickly a sense of right and wrong. Usually there is a prevailing sense of hope that things will turn out for the better with this placement.

Mars in the ninth house shows a person willing to fight, and even die, for their principles. This may make for a militant spiritual figure or it may make for a more peaceful spiritual warrior. There may be strong opinions that subvert a more tolerant philosophy, however. If powerful, a person will put their teachings into practice, not just think about them or talk about them/argue about them.

Mercury in the ninth house can make for an excellent orator and teacher. Also, this placement almost insures tolerance for all religions and faiths. A person may be more of a talker and preacher than a doer, however. This is also a very creative placement, especially for writing or other types of communication.

Jupiter in the ninth house brings the highest potential for good ethics, conduct, morals and principles to shape our life. A person will easily recognize a good teaching with this placement. Usually there will be good luck with teachers, not only finding them but in being one themselves. All things considered, this placement would be seen as a great blessing.

Venus in the ninth house shows a very service oriented and creative approach to spirituality and personal philosophy. There may be a quality of sensuality or beauty seen here as well. This placement would make an excellent marriage counselor or teacher who helps others integrate their worldly life and their spiritual life.

Saturn in the ninth house shows person who will concentrate a lot of their attention on understanding the higher truths in life. Often this makes one more religious than spiritual. A personal philosophy based on the “dignity of the common man” is often seen. A recognition of our failures as part of the growth process brings a lot of maturity. This is also a good wealth placement, showing the person will work hard to accumulate wealth.

Rahu in the ninth house shows a being is gathering a lot of information about higher teachings in this lifetime. Often they will move from one teaching to the next, confusing authentic wisdom for their disconnected ideas. One easily mistakes “ideas about spirituality” for the genuine article, leading to battles with teachers and the potential for confusion. When more developed, especially with its ruler, Rahu in the ninth can make for powerful mystical understanding and abilities.

Ketu in the ninth house shows someone who feels confident and even a bit used up, in the religious realm. They feel it’s more important to gather personal experience and test religious teachers and teachings. They will naturally be philosophical, religious and maybe even spiritual. Yet, it may be something that lies dormant in their life, interrupting their authentic experience with actual teachers and gurus who can help them finish the karma of Ketu in the ninth.

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