Vedic Astrology: Fourth House – Personal Peace

Seed Principle: The fourth house shows our emotional strength and our the need and capacity for peace. Outer happiness and success is nothing but a reflection of our level of inner peace. The fourth house is the sensitive nature in our heart, where we are easily wounded and of which we are always protective. It’s where we feel personally vulnerable. It is the realm of innocent feeling.

The body part associated with fourth house is the chest and breasts. This is the heart region in our body, which also contains our lungs. The heart and lungs are our connection to the life force itself. The blood and breath of our existence. Similar is the fourth house. It is our personal connection to the depths of our being and the fertile field of consciousness itself, the creative principle of our mind.

4th house people: Mother and other nurturers. Those who take care of us, and who comfort us and/or those we comfort and nurture have to do with the fourth house. This may include pets.

Activities: Things we do to calm our emotional state were connect with others emotionally. These things may include meditation, serving food, cooking, going to therapy, watching television (escapism).

Environment: Our Home, the kitchen, a restaurant, a spa, a counselor’s office, the living room, any place where we are taken care of and/or escape to try to feel good.

Objects: Our house, our car, our furniture, television, other things that give comfort and relaxation.

Planetary Indicators: The Moon is indicative of the fourth house because it shows our emotional environment based on what we have received. Our defense mechanisms,  vulnerabilities and he deepest part of our psyche is here. The fourth house shows our need to feel peaceful and settled. These things are related to the Moon.

Guna / Lesson: Personal peace
General Explanation:
When there is pain in our heart, we don’t know what to do to feel better. We may try to cover this feeling with external stimulation (third House). But eventually, we have to face our feelings and ultimately these feelings compel us to change the activities that are emotionally disturbing to us.

The Fourth house is important because it shows what is anchoring us emotionally. It shows the deep roots from which everything grows in our life. Astronomically it is the place directly below us, the deepest point in the chart. Our life. Our emotions anchor everything and those things show the need to retreat from the world and personal desire to get freedom from it. The stimulation, interests and activity of the third house leads to the fourth house, the level of peace and fulfillment we have in our heart. As the first “Moksha” house, it is where we as an individual wish to be peaceful, clear in our mind and get away from the activity and stimulation of the world.

Although we may forget, our true nature is not stimulated or active. It is peaceful and at rest all the time. A place of rest and rejuvenation related to places of sanctuary, like our home, our car, and ultimately our inner self and heart, all have fourth house connections.

The fourth house is the repository of everything that began with the first group of houses. Our identity (first House), values (second House) and our interests (third House) lead to an inner environment that feels a certain way. The deeper, feeling nature of the fourth house is what we would call our “intuition”. But it is often experienced as the emotions, which is this feeling nature, mixed with our desires, interests and the stimulation of the world. Trying to calm our emotions and return to a state of peace is the work of the fourth house.

The quality of nurturing we have received from our childhood has a lot to do with this area of life. Of course, as we experience more and more, the specter of the past fades away. But we read the quality of mothers love and emotional safety from the fourth house as well.

Evolutionary Process:
“From a state of emotional self-absorption, to the desire to nurture and feed others emotionally, to the capacity to merge with cosmic love is the Evolutionary process of the fourth house”.

The effects of planets in the fourth house:
The Sun in the fourth house brings a lot of personal emphasis on emotional peace and comfort and pursuing things that feel good. There may be many  hidden ambitions below the surface, resulting in frustrations and jealousy of those more accomplished. There’s a strong emphasis on nurturing others and family.

The Moon in the fourth house brings a high capacity for stable emotions. One will trust their heart and intuition with this placement. A strong need to nurture others is seen. It is likely one had a strong maternal presence in childhood. There will be a tendency to reflect on things and “check-in” with their feelings before acting.

Mars in the fourth house brings quite a lot of emotional restlessness. One may feel they need to defend themselves with this placement. There may be jealousy and a sense of feeling picked on. However, there can also be a lot of emotional growth and destroying of emotional weakness with this placement.

Mercury in the fourth house brings a lot of emotional activity. It will be difficult for the heart to settle with this placement. Mistaking thoughts for feelings will be likely. Too many interests and too many words may drain the emotional batteries. But a playful nature will also exist in the ability to adjust and adapt to hurt feelings.

Jupiter in the fourth house shows the heart is invigorated and expanded by teachings, religion and metaphysics. A deeply philosophical heart and a gracious nature will be present. But there may be a tendency to exaggerate the emotions and try to “rise above” difficult feelings with others.

Venus in the fourth house shows trust that the heart will lead to beauty and connection. A strong devotional nature will be seen and a love of ease and comfort and compromise with others will bring joy and satisfaction. Excessive compromise may be a tendency, especially in romantic relationships, which may feel abusive at times.

Saturn in the fourth house shows some heaviness in the heart and likely abusive authority in childhood. The individual was pressured emotionally and may avoid deep psychological and emotional entanglements throughout life. Fear of making emotional mistakes, guilt. Yet, the individual may have a strong capacity for solitude, meditation and stillness with such a placement.

Rahu in the fourth house shows an urgency to develop emotional peace. Immaturity and irresponsibility may exist. The individual may wish to escape into themselves and demand that others understand their every emotional whim. This could be a highly emotionally psychic placement however. There may not be good emotional boundaries.

Ketu in the fourth house shows the difficulty experiencing the emotions in the present moment. One may have been burdened in childhood with the heavy emotions of others, or ridiculed for their own.

Overview of Houses 1-4
Houses one through four provide a structure for the evolution of our personal self by first giving us a physical body, present and identity (first House). This presence and identity gather certain things, develop certain habits based on what we find most meaningful and valuable (second House). From that point of strength, stability and value, new interests and ideas are explored with deeper levels of courage and self will being expressed (third house). These ideas and interests create an emotional environment which leads to the intuitive source of self (fourth House).

A self evolving/self-correcting process leads forward from houses one through four, but also backward from houses four through one. Activities and interests that disturbed the fragile emotional/intuitive environment (fourth House) to lead to change in our interests (third House), which lead to change our values, how we spend our money, what we keep around us (second House), which leads to a change in where we take our physical body, where we focus our presence, and ultimately who we are based on our actions.
This evolutionary process of houses one through four continues throughout our life, as we unfold deeper and deeper levels of self-awareness. Based on this level of self-awareness, we interact with others through houses five through eight.

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