Vedic Astrology: Fifth House – Emotional Intelligence

Seed Principle: The expansive, creative power of love. Each of us is unique and will expand creatively in different ways. Through the function of our unique nature we can have children, become educated, do spiritual practices and develop the discrimination to discern the real from the unreal. As a Dharmic house the 5th house shows our desire to evolve creatively to fulfill our destiny.

The body part associated with the fifth house is the stomach, that place in the body where we are nourished, fed and from which we create everything. Feeling full, creative and content with life is the fifth house as shown by this body part.

Fifth house people: Children, students, creative partners, romantic partners, artists, stock brokers, others we really love and admire and can’t stop thinking of. The fifth house is growth of all sorts and the power of what we love the most to expand us.

Activities: When we are expressing our hearts desire, we are acting through the fifth house. Teaching or learning what we love, creating art, tolerating others, courting the one we love, piano lessons, giving an astrology reading or healing session are all examples of fifth house activities.

Environment: The Classroom, the recording studio, the floor of the stock exchange (where we grow our money), a child’s music recital.

Objects: Things that help us grow and connect to our hearts desire would include sacred books, prayer beads, musical instruments, art supplies, religious statues.

Planetary Indicators: Jupiter is the main indicator of the fifth house as Jupiter shows things that grow and expand us.  Jupiter shows the generous, gracious nature we step into when connected to the things we love the most.

Guna / Lesson: Emotional Intelligence
General Explanation:
The fifth house shows the things we love the most. For many of us that means our children and the things we create based on the love we have for them. The pursuit and interaction of fifth house matters directly follows the level of peace in our heart and capacity for happiness (fourth house). As the second dharma house it shows the power of true love to expand us and teach us that we are more than just an individual. The third house interests we explore becomes knowledge in the fifth house . Any subject we explore authentically through devotion leads to the source of all knowledge and connects us to the universal being itself.

The deepest principle of the fifth house shows how we are always creating something based on our hearts desire. The fifth house shows that thing we can’t stop thinking about. For many of us it’s our children. But it may also be our art or our spiritual teacher or perhaps the darker side of our nature. If we love our darkness and/or story of failure above everything else, that’s what we will create. Yet, perhaps the most fulfilling things in life are related to the fifth house. We become gracious and expanded through the power of love and that which inspires our heart to greatness. Children, romantic partners, works of art and creativity are all ways that our  individual mind connects with the creative life force in the fifth house, the place of our deepest intelligence.

Evolutionary Process: “From material creativity through wealth and children to emotional creativity through romance or artistic pursuits to spiritual creativity, leading to discrimination and intelligence is the Evolutionary process of the fifth house.”

The effects of planets in the fifth house:
The Sun in the fifth house illuminates the creative mind with loads of passion. It shows one who explores their hearts desire and seeks fulfillment in things uplifting end of enduring value. May show creative assistance from the father or government.

The Moon in the fifth house shows great powers of intuition and the love of learning and knowledge. This is one of the most creative placements, as the moon is the planet of creativity. There’s also a highly romantic nature with the fifth house Moon.

Mars in the fifth house shows a love of competition, perhaps martial arts or other source of physical disciplines. In the highest sense you may see a person who is an excellent Yogi or yoga teacher, or perhaps a good mathematician or architect.

Mercury in the fifth house brings excellent communication skills. One may excel in foreign languages and this place and would certainly make for a skilled writer. Skill with musical instruments, detailed work such as needlepoint or performing detailed tasks would be seen.

Jupiter in the fifth house makes for an excellent teacher and one who is a natural guide. Metaphysical study such as astrology would hold interest if other factors supported. This is also an excellent placement for career, wealth and speculation.

Venus in the fifth house would make for a great artist, or at least one who appreciates the arts. Musical ability and skill with color would come naturally. A great fondness for children, perhaps teaching them would be shown. A great fondness for women and things that are soft and feminine is shown.

Saturn in the fifth house brings a love of things practical, old and reliable. When they collect antiques or have a fondness for nostalgia. One will be determined to see their creations through to the end. Children may be deprived, or not bring much joy.

Rahu in the fifth house makes a person pursue their creations at the expense of all else. In fact, there’s a relentless individualism that can be disruptive. There is often a lack of harmony and a rebellious, militant creative style that is off-putting and perhaps even offensive to others. The sort of art that “romanticizes the darkness” but may lack the genuine article itself.

Ketu in the fifth house may deprive children or creative gifts entirely. Yet, there’ll often be high levels of intelligence and discrimination. Instead, creative gifts and personal intellect will be sublimated toward something for the collective, greater good, rather than personal fulfillment.

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