Uttara Phalguni – Later Red One

Uttara Phalguni is from 26:40 of Leo to 9:59 of Virgo. This is where Leo becomes Virgo. The kingdom takes a lot of work and if we are going to run it well, we need to delegate and give different departments a certain amount of work to do. That is related to Uttara Phalguni which comes after Purva Phalguni Nakshatra.

Uttara Phalguni – Later Red One – Video


Deity: Aryaman

Sign(s)/Degrees: 26:40 Leo – 10:00 Virgo

Ruler: Sun

Symbol: Legs of a cot / bed

Story: The deity is called Aryaman who is the god of contracts, official business and diplomacy. Aryaman is often paired with the god Mitra, the god of friendliness. He gives smooth relations between countries and individuals and brings together a certain amount of propriety and formality. That is why it is also called the marriage star.

Purva Phalguni is about attraction and courtship while Uttara Phalguni is about marriage. It is where you take that delight of the kingdom and all the stuff that gets generated and make it official, like it becomes marriage. It is where the power becomes many little tasks that support that kingdom.

The first section of the zodiac (Aries to Cancer) is where creation is initiated because you have 2 cardinal signs. Aries starts it and Cancer ends it. The next section of the zodiac (Leo to Scorpio) is 2 fixed signs, so it is about fixed Earth. And then the last section (Sagittarius to Pisces) is where we are transforming and evolving toward higher consciousness and life is changing rather than fixed.

We are in this fixed state of the zodiac now where Leo, a fixed, stable and solid life power, becomes Virgo which is all the little tasks that it takes to manage that kingdom.

Uttara Phalguni is the king of delegation. It is also called the marriage star and people that have planets there want to get married and get solid structure. It is good for things like taxes, working with the government and official things like that.

Uttara Phalguni is where Leo becomes Virgo. The god Aryaman is the god of concord, amity, getting along and official business. He delegates with friendliness and takes all of that power and puts it in a form that everyone can enjoy.

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