Uttar Ashada – Later Victory

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Uttar Ashada shows how the Sun sustains the powerful and relentless qualities of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Deity: Vishwa Devas

Sign(s)/Degrees: 26:40 – 9:59 Capricorn

Ruler: Sun

Symbol: Machan, elephant tusk, square

Story: The Vishwa-devas (Universal Gods) and were born from God Dharma in the goddess Vishwa.. There are 10 universal principles, such as truth, time, goodness, desire, skill, etc. the struggle between Dharma and Kama (desire) is illustrated in the Bhagavad-Gita. When Arjuna gained knowledge of the self, the imperishable soul, he remembered his duty and was willing to act in accordance with a greater truth than just his likes and dislikes.

The final group of Nakshatras (19-27) has to do with the dissolution of energy, its regeneration and our rebirth.

When it says early victory it means the early things we do, the initial things we do that produce results later. And that later comes in Uttar Ashada, Ashada means victory. But again you know the Sanskrit word victory also means what eventually emerges. Because we want to be victorious we are trying to do something. And so the early victory means the stuff we do that guarantees there is going to be a victory later. This is why later victory Uttar Ashada means guaranteed success. This is actually kind of another way to describe the energy of this. The words kind of literally mean later victory but it also means the things that guarantee success. And our success is always guaranteed.

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