Upcoming Eclipses in Gemini and Cancer – Summer 2018

July 13
New Moon / Partial solar eclipse happens today in Gemini. This is one of two partial solar eclipse is happening this year. Now is the time to notice how your communication, skills and information are either beneficial or detrimental in your life. How can he speak and listen more clearly? These are the big issues now.

The partial eclipse today is in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu, ruled by divine mother energy. This brings a sense of hope and inspiration to the information we are gathering.

July 27
The Full Moon / Total lunar eclipse in Capricorn is today. This is also very sacred holiday called Guru Purnima, the full moon of the guru. This is a great day for honoring your teachers, and putting into practice what they teach. And yet, full moons can create a bit of fanaticism and excessive emotionality. So again, it is better to channel all of that into your love of teachers and spirituality, rather than worldly relationships, which may be disappointing.

The Nakshatra today is Shravana, which literally means “hearing”. Listen to the song in your heart today, and shared it with others. Connect to the stillness and silence within and let it lead you to the source of peace.

August 11
The New Moon / Partial solar eclipse is in Cancer today. This is a day of high emotional passion and drama. There also could be a connection to psychic ability. But you may also pick up a lot of the emotions of others now. This can lead to a lot of empathy, but may also feel ungrounded as your boundaries feel confused. Make sure to be in an emotionally safe environment today.

The Nakshatra today is Aslesha. There is an “entwining” energy about this Nakshatra. This is where a deep and loving embrace can become smothering and suffocating. It’s best to get entangled in pure connections, not ones based on your desires.

Upcoming Eclipses in Gemini and Cancer – Summer 2018 – Video

November 1, 2018

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