The Nakshatras (Distant Stars)

The Nakshatras are the Distant Stars in the Vedic astrological horoscope. There are 27 Nakshatras that exist to emulate the moon’s mean daily motion of 13:20. It takes 27 days for the moon to revolve around the earth, thus there are 27 Nakshatras.

The Nakshatras (Distant Stars) – Video

Actually the first Zodiac was a lunar one, based on the moon in relation to these distant Stars. The system of 12 signs came later. The twelve signs emulate one lunar Cycle (from New moon to New moon) and relate the moon to the sun.

Important Nakshatra Details and Patterns

The Nakshatras exist energetically behind and through the Rashis. The Rashis show 4 elemental signs (Fire, earth, Air, Water) that repeat 3 times, through different modalities (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable). The Nakshatras also energetically repeat as the 9 planetary lords are expressed through the 3 Gunas. The first group of nine Nakshatras (Aries-Cancer) is Rajasic; they activate the cycle. The second nine are  Tamasic (Leo-Scorpio); stabilizing the cycle. The last group is Sattwic (Sagittarius-Pisces); completing and transcends the cycle.

Each Nakshatra is ruled by a Planet and presided over by a deity. Owing to their nature, it is the ancient Vedic deities that lord over the different Nakshatras. The Deities who rule them show the Shakti of these sectors of sky. The Nakshatras show our connection to the transpersonal forces of the Cosmos. They show the transcendent, forces at play in our everyday lives. In a birth chart, all planets reside in a House, a Sign and a Nakshatra.

The Nakshatras also provide stability in the flow of energy through the Zodiac. Although a Rasi changes, usually there is the force of the Nakshatra to hold the energy together. Meaning, as Aries becomes Taurus, becomes Gemini, etc, there is a Nakshatra energy existing behind. The 3 male Planets, (Sun, Mars and Jupiter) are responsible for this bridging of the Rashis, as they are the rulers of those Nakshatras.

At the points where there is no male planet bridging the Rashis through the force of a Nakshatra, it is called Gandantha. The Nakshatras of Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revati are Gandantha. There are usually some difficulties with planets in these signs, especially in the last degrees. (The last 3:20 of the water sign and the first 3:20 of the next Fire sign to be exact)

October 30, 2018

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