Shad Bala – 6 Fold Strength in Vedic Astrology

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Shad Bala – 6 Fold Strength (Overview)
By Sam Geppi – info compiled from

1. STHANA BALA – This is the positional strength of a planet. Sthana Bala consists of five components:

  1. The first one is called Ocha Bala – closer to exaltation degree.
  2. The second one is called Saptavargaja Bala. To calculate this we will have to look at the dignity in the following seven harmonic charts: Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa and Trimsamsa.
  3. Ojayyugma Bala – even or uneven sign or navamsa.
  4. Kendra Bala A planet in a kendra house (1,4,7 and 10) gets 60 Shashtiamsas, a planet in the house 2,5,8 or 11 gets 30 Shashtiamsas, a planet in the house 3,6,9 or 12 gets 15 Shashtiamsas. The reasoning is that planets in kendrahouses can easily express themselves and are therefore strong.
  5. Drekkena Bala To calculate this
  6. DIG BALA – Directional strength based on residence in an angle.
    3. KALA BALA – It is strength of time. It consists of different factors:
  7. Divaratri Bala According to this system the Moon, Saturn and Mars are powerful during midnight. Paksha Bala A Paksha is equal to 15 lunar days. When the Moon is increasing it is Sukla Paksha. Thribhaga Bala – The part of the day and the planets (that means the period of daylight) is divided into three equal parts and the night (the period without daylight) is divided into three equal parts. Abda Bala – The planet which is the lord of the year will get 15 Shahtiamsas. Masa Bala The planet which is the lord of the first day of the month in which a person is born receives 30 Shashtiamsas.
  8. Vara Bala The planet which rules the day at which the person is born receives 45 Shashtiamsas. This planet is found without calculations.
  9. Hora Bala A day is divided into 24 hours or horas. – The ruler of the hora when you were born gets 60 Shashtiamsas.
  10. Ayana Bala – The value a planet gets according to Ayana Bala has to do with the declination it has from the equator
  11. Yuddha Bala This concept has to do with planets which are in war. Therefore we only encounter Yuddha bala values if there are planets at war in the chart.
  12. CHESTA BALA – Planets which are relatively slow (among them retrograde planets) get a high Chesta Bala value.
    5. NAISARGIKA BALA – Because the Sun is the brightest planet it is given 60 points. Saturn is the faintest and gets 8.57 Shashtiamsas. This means that the amount of Shashtiamsas a planet receives according to Naisargika Bala is in every chart the same.
    6. DRIK BALA – Drik Bala is called aspect strength. If a planet is planetary aspected by benefics the planet receives a positive Shashtiamsa value. If a planet is aspected by malefics than it gets negative Drik Bala points.
    7. TOTAL SHADBALA – The points are added up and quantized.


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