Saraswati Yoga in Leo Until August 13

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Saraswati Yoga in Leo Until August 13 – Hemmed by Sun and Mars

Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in Leo now, bringing a lot of creativity and appreciation of beauty.  But it is also hemmed between DB Mars and the Sun in Cancer, showing a lack of discipline. Also Rahu is in Virgo showing some confusion with details.

When Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in the same sign it evokes the qualities of the Goddess Saraswati, as these 3 planets in an angle in a birth chart are said to mark the individual with the qualities of Saraswati – creativity, appreciation of art and beauty – as well as spiritual discrimination.

Saraswati is the goddess of purity and wisdom. She is often depicted on a lotus flower, a symbol of beauty (Venus). Also there are sacred texts (Jupiter) and Malas, for chanting mantras (Mercury) surrounding her.

Saraswati Yoga in Leo Until August 13Her vehicle is a swan. A large, beautiful white bird which seems to glide effortlessly atop the water. This is a beautiful symbol of discrimination, and the capacity to glide effortlessly on the surface of the world, remaining untouched by the water.

Instead, we tend to get very involved and wet with the passion and emotion of life. We lose our discrimination and eventually drowned in a sea of Maya and attachment.

Now is a great time to ponder mother Saraswati and these youthful symbols that refer to her. As is the case with everything, all of the images and symbols of Goddess Saraswati are astrological.

Hemmed Between Malefics

Between now and August 13 this Saraswatiy oga will be hemmed  between debilitated Mars and the sun in cancer  (before), and Rahu in Virgo (afterward). This creates a stressful environment, which may manifest as a lack of discipline or enthusiasm preventing your creative gifts from emerging (as shown by debilitated Mars before). And also, perhaps there is some confusion or perfectionism involved with releasing your creations in a larger way (as shown by Rahu in Virgo).

A few suggestions:

  1. Just get started. Write that first word, put that first bit of paint to canvas.
  2. Good enough is good enough!, Watch perfectionism.
  3. Connect to the highest inspiration, stop playing it safe. Grace is flowing now.


August 6, 2015

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