Rohini – Ruddy cow, Red, Growing

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Rohini shows the earthly, creative nature of Taurus.

Rohini – Ruddy cow, Red, Growing – Video



Sign(s)/Degrees:10:00 – 23:19 Taurus



Story: Rohini literally means “growing or growth.” It is said to be the most favorite Nakshatra of the Moon because it creates this feeling of growth. The Moon is the part of us that wants to have connection. We feel good when there is money, food and stuff around us. Rohini is very much about that joy of life.

Rohini can also bring attachment to external things. It basically gives a pleasant feeling and this allows the Moon to relax. If we cannot relax, we cannot connect with our heart. We need to be content and contentment is a big, big part of Rohini. It is where we can be very content with what we have and where we feel that beauty and contentment through creativity.

The deity is called Prajapati who later became Lord Brahma. Prajapati is the god of creation, the one who creates everything. This universe is created by Lord Brahma, maintained by Lord Vishnu and then transformed by Lord Shiva. This is the trinity in Vedic thinking.

Prajapati is the creator and Rohini, his most beautiful daughter, is the creatrix of the universe. It is also related to higher knowledge and wisdom. We can also relate this Nakshatra with Saraswati, Lord Brahma’s daughter, for the most part. She is related to creativity, beauty through arts, music, writing and intelligence. Rohini has these qualities.

One of the main stories of this section of the zodiac is carried out over 3 different Nakshatras. The first one is it starts in Rohini where Prajapati creates his most beautiful celestial daughter that gives the most pleasing and beautiful results in the cosmos. And because he wants to create a world of beings to populate it like us so that we can experience God, he needs to fornicate with his most beautiful daughter. This sort of cosmic incest story is part of all spiritual traditions and in Rohini is where it begins.

Then she turned herself into a deer in the next Nakshatra.

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