Revati Nakshatra – Wealthy, Rich

The last Nakshatra is called Revati. This is at the very end of the solar system, from 16:40 to 29:59 of Pisces. It is ruled by the deity called Pushan which is the shepherd. A lot of the imagery of a shepherd is really similar to what you see with Pushan. 
Revati Nakshatra – Wealthy, Rich – Video

Deity: Pushan

Sign(s)/Degrees: 16:40 – 29:59 Pisces

Ruler: Mercury

Symbol: Mridanga (drum), fish

Story: It is at the end of the zodiac where the soul has done all that work in Uttara Bhadra. It is tapas (that is what is called) or effort where you sacrifice worldly happiness and all the stuff in order to know the truth. It takes lot of exertion and power and it is not that very easy. You have to face all your demons and sort of died consciously. Once you do that, the gentle Pushan leads you home. If you do that hard work in Uttara Bhadra Pada, then that last part of the journey is very gentle. The shepherd leads you home.

This is really that part of Pisces which is very selfless even to the point of being self-sacrificial. People who have planets in Revati sometimes can even feel like they are being taken advantage of because they cannot say no to someone in need. They feel very responsible for protecting the flock. This is very much about ministers and teachers and those who want to provide shelter for those in need. It is also where we find lost objects and animals.

These are the stories of Pushan, the deity where you find lost animals on the road, where he finds and brings it home.  It is good for finding lost objects like if you are doing an electional chart and there are planets in Revati, you will find it because Pushan brings it home for you.  

It is this kind of gentle shepherd at the very end of the zodiac. After that long journey that started all the way back at Ashwini and came all the way round through all the struggles of the world and all that effort, that lightning strikes and this and that, the last thing is easy. That is why you will always hear great gurus and teachers saying “Just relax.” One of the metaphors that my guru says is, “When you get in the plane you do not have to walk, it is taking you where you are supposed to go. Just sit down and relax and let it take you there.”

This is the kind of nature of Revati.  After you have done that work, then you just have to relax and surrender and the god will take you over to the other shore. 

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