Purva Phalguni – Previous Red one

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Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is from 13:20 to 26:39 of Leo. It is related to the god called Bagha, the god of delight.

Purva Phalguni – Previous Red one – Video


Deity: Bhaga

Sign(s)/Degrees: 13:20 – 26:39 Leo

Ruler: Venus

Symbol: Legs of a cot, stage

Story: It is good to be the king — it is delightful, you have a lot of power and you delight in having that power. But what you do with the power is what determines whether or not the king or the kingdom flourishes. It is better when the kingdom flourishes because in that case, the Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni becomes very generous. It is where we give a lot of energy and give the wealth back to the kingdom so that the kingdom is wealthy, rather than take the wealth from the kingdom so that we become personally wealthy. Ponder that as a metaphor in your life to be a metaphor of generosity.

The first Nakshatra in Leo, Magha, is where we are sitting on the throne and we all have a certain amount of power that we are entitled to and that we know we have. What we do with that has a lot to do with Purva Phalguni.

This is where we want the kingdom to flourish but there is also a negative quality of Purva Phalguni and the god Bagha, the god of delight. An example would be like a king so who is lazy, feels entitled and just sits around just making sure that his henchmen carry out his marching orders and protect his little fortress. That king is short-lived and eventually gets overthrown and those kingdoms go into ruin and peril.

This is a metaphor for our life as well.  We can hang onto every little scrap of power through the ego or scrap of pride that we get and just have it fed, rather than just have something that is integrated and then we share the power in a gracious way. How we handle the power and where we get our delight in life from the power we have has a lot to do with this Purva Phalguni principle.

When Planets are there, that is often a theme. Do we delight in being the powerful one or do we delight in empowering others with the strength that we have? That is the question.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra has that quality of being generous. It gives you a very affectionate, kind of hugging energy, where we just want to just give love and affection or it can be where we demand love, affection and attention.

This is that section of Leo that is empowered and can be either generous or self-indulgent with that power.

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