Purva Ashada – Earlier Victory

Purva Ashada means “early victory”. After we have planted the seeds of truth, then we have to nourish, nurture, water and give them love and care in order for them to grow. However much we are nurturing and nourishing the seeds that we have planted, that is what is growing in our life.


Deity: Apas

Sign(s)/Degrees: 13:20 – 26:39 Sagittarius

Ruler: Venus

Symbol: Hand fan, winnowing basket, tusk, square

Story: The early victory or the early things that we grow have to do with nurturing, love and care just like in life, our early victories in life or the attention shows the later victory. Just like after we plant those seeds, we have to water them and water is not just related to literally giving them water but it is related to giving them love—water is related to love, nurturing, caring and sustenance.

The deity of Purva Ashada is Apas who is the god of the ocean and the sacred water. Water is related to love and accommodation. It takes the form of any container that holds it. It is the most accommodating, forgiving and yielding of all elements. If you heat it up it becomes steam, if you make it cold it becomes ice. Wherever it is going, it flows into all the nooks and crannies. Just like love — love accommodates everything.

This is a deeply devotional Nakshatra. It is that second part of Sagittarius. Whereas Mula is from 0 to 13:19, this is from 13:20 to 26:40 of Sagittarius.

Purva Ashada, the early victory.

The early victories in life come from how we were nurtured or cared for. This is symbolized by the ocean of love and beauty. There is also a symbol of the winnowing basket where we need to separate the wheat from the chaff. There is a lot of discrimination that is needed in this section of the zodiac.

It is very devotional but sometimes it can be blind faith or dogma if we are not careful because this is Sagittarius where we just want to believe but we need to test our belief in the fire pit of truth not just believe blindly. We need discrimination to separate a good teaching from the bad teaching. That is why one of the symbols of Purva Ashada is also the winnowing basket.

But the real thing to remember is this is about the early victories in life which have to do with nurturing and sustenance. We need to be careful not to become fanatical though about our beliefs just like we can become fanatical about what we were told as a kid and never grow beyond it.

The ocean of love and the ocean of beauty and joy must nurture those seeds in order for them to grow. Whenever we are planting, we are giving attention to what is growing in our life. The early victory comes in the form of love and care that we give something in its infancy.

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  1. Love this Sam and how you explain such complex ideas so practically. I have mars conj rahu in Purva Ashadha in the first house and really feel that I and my brothers were blessed as a young childrenwith so much love and nurturing. Then of course later our parents fucked us up as they do but my big brothers had great childhoods and me a blissful babyhood and early years. It counts for everything!

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